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two periods after et. al. when followed by <xref>

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The text output has two periods after "et al." but only when the text is followed by a <xref> in the XML. From draft-ietf-emu-rfc5448bis-10:

  Basin, et al.  [Basin2018] have performed formal analysis...

  Borgaonkar, et al. discovered...

Workaround is to place "&nbsp;" after "et al.".


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Did you meant to say two spaces after et al.?

Looks like the text renderer adds two spaces before and after sentence in when punctuation mark is present.

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comment:3 Changed 12 months ago by

We have an ongoing conversation about what to do at the end of sentences. (one space, two spaces, or provide a flag and have a default). If that conversation landed on one space with no flag, then this bug would likely evaporate. But assume it won't and add this to the heuristics for not adding two. It might be good to add a test line that exercises many cases where a . appears inside a sentence and shouldn't trigger end-of-sentence treatment.

comment:4 Changed 12 months ago by

See - looks like the decision was to add a switch, defaulting to one space.

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