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xml2rfc --v2v3 --add-xinclude strips CDATA, converts < > to &lt; &gt;

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The command:

xml2rfc --v2v3 --add-xinclude <xmlfile>

can be used to covert "long-way" references (<reference anchor="RFC2119" ...) to xi:includes references (<xi:include href=""/>).

However, if the document has artwork that contains CDATA, the CDATA is stripped, and any arrows (< >) in the artwork are converted to their XML entities (&lt; &gt;).


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I am also seeing this behavior when I run an RPC spellchecker, newspell, which invokes rfclint:

newspell <inputfile> <outputfile>

When you tell newspell to correct a typo within <sourcecode>, newspell removes CDATA and replaces < > with &lt; &gt; in the output file. Other <sourcecode> blocks that do not have typos corrected are not impacted.

Perhaps the problem is in rfclint?

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This is a side effect of the way the XML library (lxml) deals with CDATA. Certain transformations of the XML causes lxml to re-evaluate the whole xml content, with the result that CDATA blocks are converted to lxml's preferred rendering, which doesn't use CDATA. It might be possible to convince lxml to re-introduce CDATA blocks, but when I looked for such an option a couple of years ago I didn't find anything of that kind.

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We are only seeing this when "xml2rfc --v2v3 --add-xinclude <xmlfile>" is run on a v3 file.

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Fixed in [3981]:

Stop stripping CDATA with v2v3 option. Fixes #601. Commit ready for merge.

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Fixed in [3989]:

Merged in [3981] from\n Stop stripping CDATA with v2v3 option. Fixes #601.

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