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PDF, HTML output lacking whitespace between artwork and section heading

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The typical amount of whitespace before a section heading is not seen in the PDF and HTML output when the heading is immediately preceded by <artwork> that is not wrapped in a <figure> element:

          <artwork type="hex-dump"><![CDATA[
C2                        -- Tag 2
   49                     -- Byte string of length 9
      010000000000000000  -- Bytes content
        <section anchor="fractions" toc="default">
          <name>Decimal Fractions and Bigfloats</name>

Please see the section heading for Section 3.4.4 in RFC 8949:

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Bah. In this case, the spacing is caused by the pilcrow, and the pilcrow doesn't show up in print media. The solution is probably going to be something more sophisticated that the current CSS in xml2rfc/data/xml2rfc.css:

@media print {
  a.pilcrow {
    display: none;

in order to have the pilcrow create space after artwork also for @media print.

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This lack of whitespace is also seen between <artwork> and <t> in the PDF. See Section 6 in the following:


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An example like comment:2 -- Lack of whitespace between <artwork> and <t> in the PDF.
See page 17 of

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