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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#384 inline SVG requires type="svg" on <artwork> waiting defect minor
#385 misleading warning for sparse postal information under_review enhancement minor
#386 misleading warnings when <postalLine> is used under_review enhancement minor
#388 warning on <extaddr> waiting defect minor
#470 Remove link to rfc-local.css waiting defect minor
#500 nit in PDF running header accepted defect minor
#533 rfclint --extract crashes if there's an empty name attribute assigned defect minor
#546 pilcrow for <sourcecode> does not work properly accepted defect minor
#570 <blockquote> not allowed inside of <dd> under_review defect minor
#583 extra vertical space in PDF between <t> and <dl> accepted enhancement minor
#596 Stop rendering <em> with underscores under_review enhancement minor
#599 Should validate table structure accepted enhancement minor
#611 Undesirable line break in PDF output if a <dt> contains one or more periods (.) before a colon (:) accepted defect minor
#612 xref to a table or figure in an RFC (of the v3 era) under_review enhancement minor
#617 use rfc filename in text output when only svg is provided accepted defect minor
#621 index entries in HTML have pilcrows accepted defect minor
#626 TextWriter index output includes non-functional "index index" accepted defect minor
#627 <iref> not handled correctly by text writer when child of <aside> accepted defect minor
#629 Text output: format="title" adds extra space after RFC title that ends in a punctuation mark accepted defect minor
#631 for <sup> and <sub>, prevent line breaks in text output accepted defect minor
#637 Add an attribute to generated content to ease its removal accepted enhancement minor
#651 Cannot have more than 26 appendices under_review defect minor
#655 Weird interaction of cref and sub accepted defect minor
#656 set <date> to currmonth and curryear under_review enhancement minor
#662 Add links to boilerplate accepted defect minor
#668 Add RFC regression tests with comparisons accepted enhancement minor
#682 rfclint doesn't use the current schema new defect minor
#685 prevent line break within citation in PDF output new defect minor
#695 table improvements new enhancement minor
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