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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#463 improved placement of page breaks in the PDF waiting enhancement major
#519 Permit <contact> in <li> accepted defect major
#635 Nested lists: <ol> not considered a valid child of <dd> accepted defect major
#683 xref in section title (< name >) broken in HTML new defect major
#406 anchor promotion doesn't work as expected accepted defect medium
#430 inconsistent text generated for <xref> to <aside> as opposed to <t> accepted defect medium
#432 incorrect text generated for <xref> to <aside> and <blockquote> accepted defect medium
#468 table cells have different background in PDF vs. HTML when using rowspan waiting defect medium
#471 contact allows organization-only info but does not display it on phrase level accepted defect medium
#502 bibtex library: reference.RFC.1425.xml - apparent messed-up conversion accepted defect medium
#503 xref with format=title to a section with name containing <br> causes incorrect output accepted defect medium
#523 V3 HTML generation still incorrect for cref/@display=false accepted defect medium
#538 t elements under dd elements under_review defect medium
#578 Superscripts and definition lists - misaligned terms and defs accepted defect medium
#579 PDF, HTML output lacking whitespace between artwork and section heading accepted defect medium
#586 "ascii" attribute of title of reference element is not rendered in text output accepted defect medium
#593 <?rfc include+reference.I-D..."?> for recent drafts broken accepted defect medium
#595 PDF output - page break causes issue with rowspan shading accepted defect medium
#598 date_regex suppresses diff between new test output and valid exemplar accepted defect medium
#604 xml2rfc 3.5.0 fails if tocInclude="false" accepted defect medium
#605 make minify does not work with python v3 accepted defect medium
#613 HTML writer handles list spacing attribute poorly accepted defect medium
#616 Output of <xref> with format="title" accepted defect medium
#619 xml2rfc 3.6.0 fails with AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'tag' accepted defect medium
#623 <contact surname=""> shouldn't require the initials attribute accepted enhancement medium
#625 TextWriter sometimes formats <sourcecode> within a <td> poorly accepted defect medium
#632 v2v3 converter adds some default values of attributes to elements under_review defect medium
#633 Preptool regularize <t> in <dd> and <li> under_review enhancement medium
#639 section-number citation for reference entry that uses "<referencegroup> yields error under_review defect medium
#640 Generation of URL in an RFC reference when target attribute of <reference> not set under_review defect medium
#642 make <contact> within <t> more useful accepted enhancement medium
#650 v2 to v3 conversion tool RFE under_review defect medium
#665 two periods after et. al. when followed by <xref> under_review defect medium
#670 Use a context manager in V2v3XmlWriter.write() new enhancement medium
#672 extraneous blank lines in rendering of <dl> in text accepted defect medium
#674 vertical space in nested <dl>s new defect medium
#677 Update README file new defect medium
#678 Issue warning that PIs are ignored when they are encountered in a v3 source document. new enhancement medium
#679 Maybe implicitly create the <back> section new enhancement medium
#681 Allow stroke="none" and fill="none" in SVG new defect medium
#687 Text in HTML/PDF not wrapping properly new defect medium
#689 The index could be more compact new defect medium
#690 Content model for index is overly complex new defect medium
#696 Updates For Weasyprint > 53 new defect medium
#700 format of <contact> new enhancement medium
#704 Unnecessary year check new defect medium
#705 bibxml-rfcsubseries reference errors new defect medium
#706 bibxml-3gpp reference errors new defect medium
#707 xml2rfc crashes on minimal template new defect medium
#500 nit in PDF running header accepted defect minor
#570 <blockquote> not allowed inside of <dd> under_review defect minor
#583 extra vertical space in PDF between <t> and <dl> accepted enhancement minor
#596 Stop rendering <em> with underscores under_review enhancement minor
#599 Should validate table structure accepted enhancement minor
#611 Undesirable line break in PDF output if a <dt> contains one or more periods (.) before a colon (:) accepted defect minor
#612 xref to a table or figure in an RFC (of the v3 era) under_review enhancement minor
#626 TextWriter index output includes non-functional "index index" accepted defect minor
#627 <iref> not handled correctly by text writer when child of <aside> accepted defect minor
#629 Text output: format="title" adds extra space after RFC title that ends in a punctuation mark accepted defect minor
#637 Add an attribute to generated content to ease its removal accepted enhancement minor
#656 set <date> to currmonth and curryear under_review enhancement minor
#662 Add links to boilerplate accepted defect minor
#668 Add RFC regression tests with comparisons accepted enhancement minor
#685 prevent line break within citation in PDF output new defect minor
#695 table improvements new enhancement minor
#702 odd indentation in first-page header of PDF new defect minor
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