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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#697 error when blockquote contains multiple paragraphs new defect major
#404 preptool: incorrept part nums after figure under_review defect medium
#602 do not try to insert 2 spaces after sentence ends in text mode accepted enhancement medium
#624 xml2rfc --v3 --text fails to wrap table of contents for sections with long-enough titles accepted defect medium
#628 Mangling of names under_review defect medium
#630 cref inside annotation is dropped accepted defect medium
#634 sub/sup regression in 3.7.0 TXT under_review defect medium
#659 Sentence detection fails with markup at the end of the sentence. new defect medium
#660 Text formating issue with vspace accepted defect medium
#699 Improve error message when two arguments are provided without hyphens. new defect medium
#384 inline SVG requires type="svg" on <artwork> waiting defect minor
#385 misleading warning for sparse postal information under_review enhancement minor
#386 misleading warnings when <postalLine> is used under_review enhancement minor
#388 warning on <extaddr> waiting defect minor
#617 use rfc filename in text output when only svg is provided accepted defect minor
#631 for <sup> and <sub>, prevent line breaks in text output accepted defect minor
#655 Weird interaction of cref and sub accepted defect minor
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