WG Chairs Forum

This is a collection of information and links from the WG Chairs Forums. This is clearly still under development.

Outstanding Actions Items

Requested 100 Action Item Status
IETF 100 Create wgchairs jabber room done
IETF 100 Update disclosure form to include fields required by BCP79bis Referred to Tools Team for implementation - done
IETF 100 Make sure IPRs disclosures follow RFCs that update or obsolete other RFCs Referred to Tools Team for implementation - done
IETF 100 Simplify process to update an existing disclosure and/or note if it’s no longer applicable Referred to Tools Team for implementation - done

Requests for topics for future Forums

Possible IETF 101 WG Chairs Forum Topics:

1) Working with the Secretariat

  • Scheduling (how to handle conflicts, special notes, etc.)
  • Prioritization of listed conflicts, i.e. setting some standards for how ot use 1st, 2nd and 3rd level conflicts
  • Discussion of how the Secretariat might be able to help with on-boarding of new WG chairs

2) Tools Team Roadmap

  • What is being worked on, when will it be ready
  • What feedback from the community do you need/want

3) Datatracker Tips & Tricks

  • How Datatracker and all its functionality can help you better manage your working group

4) Working Group Chairs training

  • What is currently available (and where is it)
  • What would help onboard new working group chairs more easily

5) RFC Format Tools Update

6) Working with the RFC Editor

  • Tips to make your RFC go through more smoothly
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