Building Consensus

Text needed on building consensus when opinions are divided - please write!

One place where it is common for consensus to be difficult to achieve is when someone says "that's not how we do it in the IETF". WG members will often say this with the best of intentions, but based on experience only in one or two other WGs, and maybe never having come to a face-to-face meeting. When this happens, it is good to point the whole WG (not just the folks debating "how we do it" to the Tao of the IETF (RFC 4677).

Another place where WG consensus calls turn into silly states is "that should be a SHOULD, not a MUST". Very few people in such discussions have actually read RFC 2119. The WG chair saying "it's barely two pages long; let's all go read it again" can sometimes help clarify such debates. On the other hand, doing so almost always brings up "but we used SHOULD the wrong way in RFC 5678 and we need to be consistent with that"' the answer to that is "well, we don't have to make the same mistake twice".

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