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Wiki for the Virtual World Region Agent Protocol (VWRAP) Working Group.


The BOF preceding this WG was known as OGPX ("Open Grid Protocol"); the name was changed to eliminate confusion over the term "grid" (grid computing vs. grid-partitioned virtual worlds). Older documents may reference OGP/OGPX.

Relevant Reading


LLSD Implementations

C++ MIT Linden Lab
C# MIT OpenMetaverse
C# GPL Icesphere
Haskell MIT Linden Lab (includes LLIDL)
Java private Linden Lab
Java ??? University of St. Andrews
JavaScript MIT Linden Lab (includes LLIDL)
Perl private Linden Lab
PHP MIT Linden Lab
PHP GPL SignpostMarv
Python MIT Linden Lab (includes LLIDL)
Ruby MIT Linden Lab
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