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This page contains some useful information to those involved in developing the specifications or implementations.

Test Server

Calconnect has developed a test server that you can use against the specifications.

What follows is a note from Cyrus Daboo:

Hi folks, Some of us at CalConnect? have been working on implementations of the current draft and doing interop testing at various CalConnect? events (and we will continue to do so, in particular at the upcoming meeting in September in the UK).

I do have a public demo server available at Others may also have publicly available test servers (I will let them post details if they desire). Feel free to use my server for exploring how the protocol in the current draft works.

Some examples (using curl on OS X):

1) well-known URI that redirects to the "root" context path for the service:


2) Capabilities action:


3) List action:


4) Get action:


or, for jCal:


5) Expand action:


6) Find action: not implemented yet.

7) Invalid action:


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