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draft-ietf-tzdist-caldav-timezone-ref: 3.1.1 bad advice on initial configuration?

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The authors motivate the need for a caldav extension by discussion chattiness of the protocol, but also about resource consumption perhaps in other ways, such as storage, leading to the following statement in Section 3.1.1:

This can be
beneficial to limited devices that might not be able to store the
full set of standard time zone definitions, and might only "ship"
with a limited set based on the region where the device is sold.

I am not convinced this is good advice from the outset, because it assumes a model where the device has access to a tzdist update service on initial configuration. What if this is not the case because Internet connectivity has yet to have been configured? As it happens, for a caldav extension, one does in fact need Internet connectivity, but the text reads as general advice, which I think would be inappropriate.

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