Transport Area Review Team (TSVART)

The transport area review team is an advisory group of transport experts. The notion of a directorate is defined in RFC 2418 as follows and we do follow this for the area review team:

In many areas, the area directors have formed an advisory group or directorate. These comprise experienced members of the IETF and the technical community represented by the area. The specific name and the details of the role for each group differ from area to area, but the primary intent is that these groups assist the area director(s), e.g., with the review of specifications produced in the area.

The area review team is best thought of as a convenient way to contact a group of transport experts within the IETF.

The area directors invite TSV area WG chairs and other qualified individuals to participate in the team, to take advantage of their expertise in transport-related fields. Individuals who wish to join the area review team should contact the transport area directors.


The area directors use the feedback from the area review team when making decisions on a range of topics related to the IETF transport area. The area directors might consult the directorate for the following activities:

  • Review of selected documents within the transport area, usually during working group last call.
  • Review of selected documents from other areas of the IETF, usually during IETF last call or IESG Evaluation.
  • Review of proposals for BOFs, for creation of new WGs, and for revised charters.
  • Cross-area technical advice, possibly serving as informal or formal technical advisors in working groups in the transport area or other areas in the IETF.
  • Cross-SDO technical advice, contributing their expertise to transport-related liaison work with other standards organizations.

As with all IETF activities, participation is a volunteer effort, so members are free to decline any request from the area directors.

Area Review Team Reviews

To request a review for an IETF document from the TSV-ART please use the datatracker's "Request Review" function on each document's datatracker page. If you are unable to do this, then please contact tsv-triage@…. If you want an early review please include instructions for which aspects you want particular focus on.

The area review team is not a formal review body; the IESG has that role. Therefore, comments made by the area review team have no more weight than those made by individual IETF participants.

TSVART Guidelines describes the current guidelines for TSV area review team reviewers.

Common Transport Issues

The TSVART and its predecessor the TSV Directorate has gathered common transport issues that surface in reviews. This also include guidelines of what to consider to solve them.

TSVART Common Transport Issues

Current Members

Datatracker has the official list of current TSVART members

Individuals who wish to join the area review team should contact the transport area directors <tsv-ads@…>.

Mailing List

The transport area review team mainly operates via the mailing list at This is a private list for the members and ADs.

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