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The RSVP directorate is an advisory group of RSVP experts selected by the transport area directors. The notion of a directorate is defined in RFC 2418 as follows:

In many areas, the area directors have formed an advisory group or directorate. These comprise experienced members of the IETF and the technical community represented by the area. The specific name and the details of the role for each group differ from area to area, but the primary intent is that these groups assist the area director(s), e.g., with the review of specifications produced in the area.

Note that while some directorates advise area directors about all the work in the relevant are, the RSVP directorate is focussed only on issues related to RSVP (which may also include Integrated Services issues).

Individuals who wish to join the RSVP directorate should contact the transport area directors. RSVP directorate members should have expertise in RSVP and/or IntServ?, but not be currently actively involved in developing extensions to those technologies, in order to minimize potential conflict of interest.


The transport area directors and the chairs of the TSVWG working group use the feedback from the directorate when making decisions on a range of topics related to the RSVP protocol. Specifically, the directorate is involved in the following activities:

  • Review of all new work related to RSVP and Integrated Services that is proposed for IETF adoption. The purpose of this review is to advise the ADs and the chairs of the Transport Area Working Group (TSVWG) on whether a particular proposal should be taken on as a work item. The directorate will continue to guide and review such new work in TSVWG until it is ready for publication as an RFC.
  • Review of selected documents during IETF last call or under IESG review. The directorate monitors ongoing IETF work and should independently decide when a document will benefit from their review, assign a reviewer and enter into a follow-on discussion with the authors. When deemed necessary, the area directors will on occasion directly consult the directorate while forming their opinion on selected documents being under review by the IESG.
  • Cross-working group review. RSVP documents may have relevance to several working groups, including TSVWG and MPLS-related groups such as MPLS WG and CCAMP WG. The directorate will ensure that drafts submitted to TSV WG are reviewed in the appropriate MPLS-related WGs if necessary, and will bring drafts from the MPLS-related WGs to the attention of the TSV WG as appropriate.

The directorate is not a formal review body; the IESG has that role. Therefore, comments made by the directorate have no more weight than those made by individual IETF participants. The directorate is a group of RSVP experts that the TSV ADs have tasked with independently reviewing and guiding the development of new extensions to RSVP and IntServ?.

Current Members

The current directorate members, together with any formal function they have on behalf of the directorate, are:

Name Function
Scott Bradner co-chair
Bruce Davie co-chair
Bob Braden
Lixia Zhang
Bob Briscoe
Lou Berger
Adrien Farrel

Mailing List

The RSVP directorate mainly operates via the mailing list at This is a private list for the members and ADs.

Directorate Reviews

The RSVP directorate reviews selected documents related to RSVP and Integrated Services when they are brought to the TSV WG, or during working group last call, and may review selected documents from other working groups during IETF last call or IESG review.

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