Transport and Services Area (TSV)

The Transport and Services area - usually just called "transport area" or "TSV area" - covers a range of technical topics related to data transport in the Internet.

The Transport Area works on mechanisms related to end-to-end data transport to support Internet applications and services that exchange potentially large volumes of traffic at potentially high bandwidths. A key focus are mechanisms to detect and react to congestion in the Internet, such as the congestion control algorithms in Internet transport control protocols such as TCP, SCTP, MPTCP, and DCCP.

Current and new transport work includes congestion signaling and reporting, forward error correction, multicast, QoS and reservation signaling, DiffServ? and congestion control for unresponsive flows, NAT regularization and specification, storage protocols for the Internet, peer-to-peer streaming, performance metrics for Internet paths, experimentation with congestion control schemes developed in the IRTF, multipath extensions to existing transport protocols, congestion control for "background" bulk transfers, and extensions to the IETF protocols for multimedia transport.

The transport area intersects most frequently with Internet area, the applications area, the ART area, the security area and several IRTF research groups.

Working Groups & Related Efforts

The current list of active working groups can be found at

The transport area receives occasional proposals for the development and publication of RFCs dealing with transport topics that are not in scope of an existing working group and do not justify the formation of a new working group. The transport area has an area-wide working group (TSVWG) that provides a venue to progress such documents.

It is important to differentiate TSVWG, which is a document-producing working group, from TSVAREA, which is the area-wide meeting that the transport area regularly holds during IETF meetings. TSVAREA does not produce any documents, and its purpose is to expose new developments related to transport topics to the community.

These TSV working groups have their own wiki pages here:

  • (none)

Mailing List and Aliases

The area-wide mailing list of the transport area is and the mailing list archive is at Note that this is a relatively new list, and many participants still use the long-running TSVWG mailing list for area-wide announcements and discussions. The ADs expect this to change over time.

Several other aliases offer convenient shortcuts to send email to various TSV officials and community members:

  • tsv-ads@… reaches the current area directors
  • tsv-chairs@… reaches the current set of transport area WG chairs
  • tsv-art@… reaches the current set of transport area review team members
  • tsv-dir@… reaches the decommission transport area directorate (this was closed on April 5th, 2106)
  • -chairs@… reaches the current chairs of the working group with abbreviation <WG>
  • -ads@… reaches the current ADs of the working group with abbreviation <WG>

Office Hours

The area directors try to schedule office hours during each IETF meeting, which allow anyone to drop in to discuss relevant topics. The time and place are usually announced on before each meeting.

Transport Area Review Team (TSVART)

The Transport Area Review Team (TSVART) (or "TSV Area Review Team") is an advisory group of transport experts selected by the transport area directors. The area directors use feedback from the Area Review Team when making decisions on a range of topics related to the transport area and related IETF activities. More information about the tasks, members and activities of the TSV directorate can be found on the TSVART page.

Subversion Repository

Thanks to the tools team, the transport area has a subversion repository that can be used for the collaborative editing of Internet Drafts, or lots of other things. Located at, it is world-readable, but write access currently needs to be manually set up.

Contact tsv-ads@… if you want to start using the repository.

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