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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#160 New get-sths API for fetching all STHs in a given time range to-be-decided enhancement rob.stradling@… assigned 28/10/16
#154 CSR extension to convey a certificate subscriber's CT preferences to the CA to-be-decided enhancement rob.stradling@… new 12/02/16
#152 Architecture document: CT-aware TLS clients may require SCTs for all certs client-behavior defect draft-ietf-trans-rfc6962-bis@… new 08/01/16
#151 Architecture document: Only the leaf cert + timestamp are in the SCT threat-analysis defect draft-ietf-trans-threat-analysis@… new 08/01/16
#149 Architecture document: Figure 1: Finer-grained distinction between entities threat-analysis enhancement draft-ietf-trans-threat-analysis@… new 08/01/16
#148 Architecture document: Spelling/improvements to Introduction threat-analysis defect draft-ietf-trans-threat-analysis@… new 08/01/16
#71 Section 1 does not define mis-issuance threat-analysis defect draft-ietf-trans-threat-analysis@… new 20/03/15
#66 revise the description of what logs MAY do re cert syntax checking client-behavior defect draft-ietf-trans-rfc6962-bis@… new 06/03/15
#50 Ordering of revocation checking and SCT processing by TLS Clients client-behavior defect draft-ietf-trans-rfc6962-bis@… new 01/09/14
#39 Monitor behavior client-behavior defect reopened 30/07/14
#38 Client Behavior: A separate document for specifying client behavior client-behavior enhancement new 30/07/14
#31 incremental deployment and client behavior client-behavior defect eranm@… new 30/07/14
#15 Client behaviour specification needed client-behavior task new 01/04/14
#8 Need a way to obtain Merkle proofs for a batch for certificates around the SCT timestamp client-privacy defect eranm@… new 03/03/14
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