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RFC editor changes in RFC4346, appendixes

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A "A. Protocol constant values" ->
   "Appendix A. Protocol Constant Values"
A.1 "Record layer" -> "Record Layer"
A.2 "Change cipher specs message" -> 
   "Change Cipher Specs Message"
A.3 "Alert messages" -> "Alert Messages"
A.4 "Handshake protocol" -> "Handshake Protocol"
A.4.2. "Server authentication and key exchange messages" ->
   "Server Authentication and Key Exchange Messages"
A.4.3 "Client authentication and key exchange messages" ->
   "Client Authentication and Key Exchange Messages"
A.4.4. "Handshake finalization message" ->
   "Handshake Finalization Message"
A.5 "RSA certificate, which" -> "RSA certificate that"

B "B. Glossary" -> "Appendix B. Glossary"
B "peer to peer relationships" -> "peer-to-peer relationships"
B "Standard," published" -> "Standard", published"
B "security parameters, which" -> "security parameters that"
B "cryptographically-strong" -> "cryptographically strong"

C "C. CipherSuite definitions" -> 
   "Appendix C. CipherSuite Definitions"
C  "fed into the encryption algorithm" ->
   "fed into the encryption algorithm."
C "How much data needs" -> "The amount of data needed"

D "D. Implementation Notes" -> "Appendix D. Implementation Notes"
D.1 "cryptographically-secure" -> "cryptographically secure"
D.1 "To seed a 128-bit PRNG, one" -> "Seeding a 128-bit PRNG"
D.2 "Certificates and authentication" -> 
   "Certificates and Authentication"
D.3 "which provide no" -> "that provide no"
D.3 "security. A proper" -> "security.  A proper"
E "E. Backward Compatibility With SSL" -> 
   "Appendix E. Backward Compatibility with SSL"

(rest of E/E.1 omitted as we're rewriting them anyway.)

E.2 "Avoiding man-in-the-middle version rollback" ->
   "Avoiding Man-in-the-Middle Version Rollback"
E.2 "least-significant" -> "least significant"

F "F. Security analysis" -> "Appendix F. Security Analysis"
F.1 "Handshake protocol" -> "Handshake Protocol"
F.1.1 "Authentication and key exchange" ->
   "Authentication and Key Exchange"
F.1.1 "7.4.9 and 6.3" -> "7.4.9, and 6.3"
F.1.1.1 "Anonymous key exchange" -> "Anonymous Key Exchange"
F.1.1.2 "RSA key exchange and authentication" ->
   "RSA Key Exchange and Authentication"
F.1.1.2 "key may be either" -> "key either may be"
F.1.1.3 "Diffie-Hellman key exchange with authentication" ->
   "Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange with Authentication"
F.1.1.3 "can use the server key" -> "use the server key"
F.1.1.3 "quickly so" -> "quickly, therefore"

F.1.2. "Version rollback attacks" -> 
   "Version Rollback Attacks"
F.1.2 "not be using 40-bit encryption keys anyway. Altering" -> 
   "not use 40-bit encryption keys.  Altering"
F.1.3. "Detecting attacks against the handshake protocol"  ->
   "Detecting Attacks against the Handshake Protocol"
F.1.4. "Resuming sessions" -> "Resuming Sessions"

F.2. "Protecting application data" -> 
   "Protecting Application Data" -> 
F.2 "64-bits long" -> "64 bits long"
F.2 "are independent so" -> "are independent, so"

F.4 "F.4 Security" -> "F.4. Security"
F.4 "MAC functions provided that" ->
   "MAC functions, provided that"
F.4 "information theoretic" -> "information-theoretic"
F.4 "function fail to provide" -> "function, fail to provide"
F.4 "message plus the" -> "message, plus the"
F.4 "MAC tag is" -> "MAC tag, is"
F.4 "independent and unpredictable, IV"  ->
   "independent, and unpredictable IV"
F.4 "ciphertext. This made TLS" -> 
   "ciphertext.  This made TLS"

F.5 "RSTs, terminating" -> "RSTs, thereby terminating"
F.5 "records, causing" -> "records, thereby causing"
F.5 "using protocol. Implementors" -> 
   "using protocol.  Implementors"
F.6 "Final notes" -> "Final Notes"

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