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RFC editor changes in RFC4346, sections 5-6

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S5 "HMAC and the pseudorandom function" -> 
   "HMAC and the Pseudorandom Function"
S5 "described in [HMAC]" -> "and is described in [HMAC]"
S5 "different algorithms: MD5" -> "different algorithms, MD5"
S5 "which uses a single hash" -> "that uses a single hash"
S5 "P_SHA-1 was being used" -> "P_SHA-1 is being used"
S5 "would have to be iterated" -> "will have to be iterated"
S5 "final iteration would" -> "final iteration will"

S6 "reassembled, then delivered" -> 
   "reassembled, and then delivered"
S6 "higher level clients" -> "higher-level clients"
S6 "See section 11" -> "See Section 11"

S6.1 "Connection states" -> "Connection States"
S6.1 "algorithm, encryption" -> "algorithm, and encryption"
S6.1 "state which has not been" -> "state that has not been"
S6.1 "cipher, the block" -> "cipher, and the block"
S6.1 "the hash which is returned" -> "the hash returned"
S6.1 "48 byte" -> "48-byte"
S6.1 "32 byte" -> "32-byte"
S6.1 "32 byte" -> "32-byte"
S6.1 "in section 6.3" -> "in Section 6.3"
S6.1 "the necessary state information is" -> 
   "whatever state information is necessary"
S6.1 "connection as generated" -> "connection, as generated"
S6.1 "wrap a sequence number it" -> "wrap a sequence number, it"
S6.1 "record which is transmitted" -> "record transmitted"

S6.2.1 "higher level protocol" -> "higher-level protocol"
S6.2.1 "by the higher level" -> "by the higher-level"
S6.2.1 "of higher precedence" -> "of lower precedence"
S6.2.1 "and therefore handshake	records may be held if 
   application data is pending" -> remove
S6.2.2 "Record compression and decompression" -> 
   "Record Compression and Decompression"
S6.2.3 "Record payload protection" -> "Record Payload Protection"
S6.2.3 "extra or repeated" -> "extra, or repeated"
S6.2.3.1 "Null or standard stream cipher" -> 
   "Null or Standard Stream Cipher"
S6.2.3.1 "null - see Appendix" -> "null, see Appendix"
S6.2.3.1 "not encrypted and" -> "not encrypted, and"
S6.2.3.1 "zero implying that" -> "zero, implying that"

S6.2.3.2 "CBC block cipher" -> "CBC Block Cipher"
S6.2.3.2 "255 bytes long" -> "255 bytes"
S6.2.3.2 "protocol that are based" -> "protocol based"
S6.2.3.2 "the length before padding" -> 
   "then the length before padding"
S6.2.3.2 "Otherwise it is possible" -> "Otherwise, it is possible"
S6.2.3.2 "Canvel et. al." -> "Canvel et al."
S6.2.3.2 "best way to to" -> "best way to"
S6.2.3.2 "incorrect the implementation" -> 
   "incorrect, the implementation"
S6.2.3.2 "exploitable due" -> "exploitable, due"

S6.3 "Key calculation" -> "Key Calculation"
S6.3. "which are generated" -> "each of which is generated"
S6.3 "When generating keys and MAC secrets" -> 
   "When keys and MAC secrets are generated"

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