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The STOX WG in the RAI area is chartered to discuss and define protocol mappings between SIP and XMPP, that would make it easier for implementers to enable interworking between SIP-based and XMPP-based systems.

Our charter can be found at

Current documents

Charter Milestones

Jun 2013 Accept starting-point mapping specifications as WG items

Aug 2013 Start Working Group Last Call on mapping specifications

Oct 2013 Submit mapping specifications to the IESG

IETF 87 Meeting Information

Thursday, Afternoon Session III 1700-1830
Room Name: Charlottenburg 1
1 hour session

Detailed Milestones

  • Latest by July 8 2013: Submit current drafts as -00 WG drafts.
  • July 2013: Ask for comments and open issues on the drafts. Ask co-authors to prepare presentations about open issues for IETF 87. Start recruiting reviewers and if needed, co-authors.
  • IETF 87: 1 hour meeting (Meeting information will be added later on). The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss open issues, agree on the deadline for reviews and WG last call on the documents. Decide if all documents can proceed in the same timeline, or whether some phasing will be needed.
  • By end of August 2013: Start the official WG last call.
  • Sept - Oct 2013: Process last call comments and finalize the documents for the IESG review.
  • IETF 88: Meet if there is interest and energy to discuss about rechartering, i.e. adding new WG items.
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