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This wiki aims to track the information related with the active drafts in the SPRING WG which is not shown in the datatracker.

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SRCOMP Design Team


The design team is established with a specific objective to look at the compression-related work. It is tasked to agree on a requirements proposal to the WG and a comparison document to be evaluated by the WG. To be clear, as is the normal case for the IETF, the design team outputs are input to the WG. Their output will not become a WG document until the WG agrees to adopt it. Also, these documents are for WG use. It will be for future analysis as to whether it is useful to the larger community to publish them as RFCs.


Stage 1: Prepare the requirement draft by end of September

  • Phase 1: rough requirements list with several different categories, by 20th of Aug.
  • Phase 2: one week for review by end of Aug.
  • Phase 3: finish the draft by 20th of Sep.
  • Phase 4: one week for review by end of Sep.
  • Phase 5: Post it to WG and present it at IETF 109

Discussion order: follow the time of items.

Stage 2: Prepare the analysis draft by end of November (expected time, Let us talk about the schedule after the first draft finished.)

  • Input: existing drafts by end of September
  • Polling the drafts in WG mail list from Sep 1st to Sep 30th and ensure all the existing drafts counted in.


  • Kick-off: UTC: 14:00~15:00, 22 July 2020.
  • Frequency: One meeting per week
  • Meeting time: UTC: 13:00~14:00
  • Meeting tools: ZOOM



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