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The Session Recording Protocol (SIPREC) working group is chartered to define a SIP-based protocol for controlling a session (media) recorder.

Session recording is a critical requirement in many business communications environments such as call centers and financial trading floors. In some of these environments, all calls must be recorded for regulatory and compliance reasons. In others, calls may be recorded for quality control, business analytics, or consumer protection. Recording is typically done by sending a copy of the media to the recording devices. The working group will determine requirements and produce a specification for a protocol that will manage delivery of media from an end-point that originates media, or that has access to it, to a recording device. PBX and recording vendors today implement proprietary, incompatible mechanisms to facilitate recording. A standard protocol will reduce the complexity and cost of providing such recording services.

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IETF82 2011-11-17 Taipei

Virtual Interim 2011-09-19 & 2011-09-23

IETF81 2011-07-28 Quebec City

Virtual Interim 2011-06-23

Virtual Interim 2011-05-09

IETF80 2011-03-31 Prague

Virtual Interim 2011-01-25

IETF79 2010-11-10 Beijing

Virtual Interim 2010-09-28

IETF78 2010-07-30 Maastricht

IETF77 2010-03-23 Anaheim

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