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4244bis-02: REFER handling not clear

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Component: rfc4244bis Version: 2.0
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I'm not quite sure what the draft expects of the UA processing a REFER and generating a new INVITE from it. Section 4 says:

... A SIP entity changing the target of a
request in response to a redirect or REFER also propagates any
History-Info header from the initial Request in the new request.

Which "initial request"? The REFER? The REFER request has its own list of H-I, but I don't know what that has to do with the new INVITE going out. Alice calls Bob, Bob calls Charlie; Bob REFERs Charlie to Alice - why does Alice care how the REFER reached Charlie?

Won't it in fact confuse applications to get H-I entries in INVITEs that are not in fact the history of the INVITE? For example, suppose Bob called Charlie but his call got redirected to Donna, and then Bob REFERed Donna to Alice - wouldn't it confuse Alice to get an INVITE with an H-I indicating Charlie was the original target of the INVITE and it got mapped to Donna, and that got sent to Alice??

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