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Gaps in H-I headers should NOT be treated as "malicious"

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Component: rfc4244bis Version: 2.0
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Section 4.1 and 4.2.1 both say "The entries SHOULD be evaluated to determine gaps in indices, which could indicate that an entry has been maliciously removed."

That's a bad SHOULD. First, because it doesn't actually tell you what to do if they're missing. Second, because if missing indeces actually cause a request failure, that's a good way of guaranteeing people won't use hist-info or will delete ALL the entries just to make calls work. Third, because it's highly unlikely to actually be due to "malicious" reasons - if someone wants to "maliciously" remove them, they'll delete them all, or change them all, etc. It's more likely they were removed for security/privacy reasons.

Please remove this sentence from both sections.
In fact, maybe a sentence should be added to remind people missing indeces are possible and OK. (i.e., MUST NOT cause a request faiure)

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