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Redirect servers

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In section 4.3, I see:

A redirect server MUST NOT add any new History-Info entries.

How would we handle a situation where proxy A, thinking B is a redirect server, sends the request to B which is actually a proxy that sends the request to a redirect server C, which generates a 3xx response, which B passes back to A? From A's point of view, B looks like a redirect server. But the 3xx that A receives is ultimately generated by C, and its History-Info has one further entry beyond what proxy A would expect to see in a 3xx coming from from proxy B (which it believes to be a redirect server). So A would think that B is violating this rule.

I think the solution to this situation is straightforward: Remove the above restriction. The 3xx may have further hi-entry's than A would expect, but they will be labeled as children of the hi-entry representing the request from A to B, and so will not confuse any element that is interpreting the History-Info.

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