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Section 7 item 5 is wrong

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Component: rfc4244bis Version: 2.0
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Section 7 item 5 says:

  1. Entry with the index that matches the value of the first entry with a "mp" hi-target parameter - i.e., the original target of the request.

Nope. The first "mp" tagged entry is the first of possibly multiple diverted-to users, not the original. The original target of the request never gets the "mp" tag, afaict.

Unfortunately, determining the original target is not trivial. It's not simply the entry before the first "mp" tagged one, since that could be a "rc" registered contact, for example. It's also not necessarily the first non-"rc" tagged entry before the first "mp" tagged one, because that entry could just be a intermediate routing operation. And that's a big problem with H-I that I don't know how to solve.

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