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#18 Awkward description new defect minor
#19 Show 487 response to CANCEL new enhancement minor
#20 Handling canceled forks new defect major
#21 "request not associated with an established dialog" new defect major
#23 Which elements a particular normative passage applies to new enhancement major
#24 Redirect servers new defect minor
#25 Proxy adding H-I must create element 1. new defect minor
#27 Functionality of "Supported: histinfo" is not clear new defect major
#28 UACs should add H-I if they implement it new defect major
#29 B2BUAs passing H-I through? new enhancement major
#32 Section 6.1 para 2 phrasing new defect trivial
#34 Semantics of History-Info values need to be documented explicitly new enhancement critical
#35 "target parameter" is used but seems to have no meaning new defect major
#37 Clarify use of rc vs. mp new enhancement minor
#38 How is the mapping of a GRUU into its UA Contact marked? new defect major
#40 Clarify mp-value new defect minor
#41 Why does only "mp" have a value? new enhancement critical
#42 Backwards compatibility new defect critical
#43 Small fixes new defect minor
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