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Files have been attached to the Wiki page. See the attached files section below.

Two slide sets - one from Vijay and one from Gonzalo.

SIP-CLF Implementation results

Please direct questions to: [ Peter Musgrave].

The sample files below are based on a call through a B2BUA to a conference, which in turn initiates a dial out to a second UA.

In addition a much longer sequence was logged (3007 messages to be precise).

First, the easy stuff to measure: output size

These samples are of the basic information in the problem statement (i.e. not extensions).

Example Indexed ASCII Output IPFIX Output
B2B 14K 10K
log_1 935K 673K

Files attached:

File Description
b2b.sip Raw text of the SIP messages which were logged
b2b.asc2 Indexed ASCII log file for SIP traffic in b2b.sip
b2b.bin IPFIX output for SIP traffic in b2b.sip

Code Attached: (The full Eclipse workspace and supporting libraries exceeds the Wiki file size. If you'd like access please email and I can invite you to a DropBox?).

The code used the JAIN SIP stack to parse SIP messages from a text file and log in both formats.

I used to double check the indexed ASCII pointers. The IPFIX output was tested by reading it into Hadrial Kaplan IPFIX plugin. Thanks to Hadriel for this (and for finding several length bugs). This final version of IPFIX output has not yet been re-verified.

I have not spent much time beautifying the code. So be gentle!

File Description Generic Logger Interface IPFIX Implementation Indexed ASCII Implementation Python code to check pointers in IASCII

Screen shot below (attached Files) shows Hadriel's Wireshark plugin in action.

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