Interim meeting 06 Jun 2012, Vancouver, BC


The following was announced to the sidr working group on 04 Apr 2012 (

The SIDR working group will hold an interim meeting (plus virtual 
attendance) on June 6th 2012.   
Location: Vancouver, Canada     
Time: 1300 - 1800 PDT           
Agenda and dial-in information will be posted to the mailing list and
will also be available at: <>

Meeting Location

The interim SIDR meeting will be held at:

Room 1600, Canfor Policy Room
Simon Fraser University (SFU) at Harbour Centre
515 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 5K3

Here's a map and walking directions from the nanog venue:,+Vancouver,+1601+Bayshore+Drive,+Vancouver,+BC&daddr=Harbour+Centre,+515+West+Hastings+Street,+Vancouver,+BC&hl=en&ll=49.288537,-123.120046&spn=0.011057,0.023818&sll=49.288415,-123.12006&sspn=0.011057,0.023818&geocode=FUEj8AId-DKp-CF_t2V8c69urw%3BFaYG8AIdqHap-CE7vcYNXM1_lw&dirflg=w&mra=ltm&t=m&z=16

Our kind host provides the following hint:

Look for this building:,mod%3D19&q=harbour%20centre&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=64LOT_XCBsXY2QXtjI2-DA&biw=1377&bih=707&sei=7YLOT6LLNqLE2gXMzfDgDA

Room Logistics

Room logistics will be based on the number of participants, so please do register for the meeting by sending a message to sidr-chairs+reg06062012@…. There is NO registration fee.

Remote Participation Logistics

Remote participation will be done via:

webex (slides/conf-call-voice)
jabber sidr@… (remote-hand-raise + questions + slide sync)
jabber sidr2@… (live meeting notes)

Live notes scribe:

Event number: 644 985 813
Event password: nanoginterim
Topic: NanogInterim?
Event address for attendees:
Call-in: +1-408-600-3600 pin: 644 985 813

Jabber: sidr@… NOTE: If WebEx? is unavailable for a majority of remote participants during part of the actual meeting, as we did in Paris, we'll halt the local/in-room portion of the meeting until we can sort out WebEx? issues. Jabber will be the primary mode used to recognise such a failure. NOTE2: If there are folk NOT in the US who can not dial the webex-in-webex-voice we can link together a conference bridge with the webex-voice and leverage the synergies of dual conference systems + international-dial-in.


Registration is not an automated process. The registered attendees list will be maintained here


The (draft) agenda is a half day meeting(1300-1800):

1300-1500 aspath not present - implications?
1500-1700 rekeying processes/procedures/implications
1700-1800 performance measurement bounds

(The agenda will be updated here as updates are available.)

Agenda Expansion

The three topics on the meeting agenda expanded some are essentially:

  * aspath not present - What are the implications?
    - John Scudder's notes at previous meeting:
      perhaps not all the bugs worked out or considerations made?
      (not just tools, re-figuring the aspath on entrance/exit,
       are there other places where aspath is used/required?
       confeds is one example?)
    - rbush's noted method to deal with this in confeds
      (see all the chat on the list for this)

  * rekeying processes/procedures/implications
    - two drafts (roque + randy)
      one focused on router side key management (loading/unloading - rbush)
      one focused on overall key change process (including rpki/routers/etc - roque)

  * performance measurement bounds
    - Andree/Tim's interest in this (andree may address some, tim is on deck for 7/27)
    - publication point sizing and operations/sla requirements
    - what parts of the system get metric'd and why are those important?
    - Sriram - sizing requirements for routers in defined roles in the

Slides will be tracked at:

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