Interim meeting 30 Apr 2012, Washington/Dulles?


The following was announced to the sidr working group on 29 Mar 2012 (

The SIDR Working Group will hold an interim meeting (with virtual 
attendance) on April 30, 2012.

  Location: Adjacent to the Dulles Airport, Reston, VA, USA 20190-4415
  Time: 0900 - 1700 EDT

The draft agenda will be published on the SIDR mailing list prior to the 

Meeting Location

The interim SIDR meeting will be held at an office:

1818 Library St
Suite 400
Reston, VA 20190

Room Logistics

Room logistics will be based on the number of participants, so please do register for the meeting by sending a message to sidr-chairs+reg04302012@…. There is NO registration fee. Those who register will receive updates on meeting logistics.

If the location remains in Reston, VA lunch will be provided on-site. (there are, as of 4/25/2012, 16 folks attending, 14 in person)

Remote Participation Logistics

WebEx:Event number: 649 888 520 Event password: restonva

Topic: firstinterimbeforeVancouver Event address for attendees:

Jabber: sidr@…

NOTE: If WebEx? is unavailable for a majority of remote participants during part of the actual meeting, as we did in Paris, we'll halt the local/in-room portion of the meeting until we can sort out WebEx? issues. Jabber will be the primary mode used to recognise such a failure.


NOTE: REGISTRATION HAS CLOSED (for in-person space) (4/27/2012 - Apr 27, 2012)

Registration is not an automated process. The registered attendees list will be maintained here


The (draft) agenda is a full day meeting:

0900-0910 Agenda bashing, note well, blue sheets, etc
0910-1010 Prefix Validate Discussion
1010-1200 Deployment Discussion (walkthrough/document/discuss deployment scenarios)
1300-1400 Deployment Discussion (walkthrough/document/discuss deployment scenarios)
1400-1700 Router / Prefix / ROA / CRL - RPKI Repository Data Freshness

(The agenda will be updated here as updates are available.)

Agenda Expansion

The three topics on the meeting agenda expanded some are essentially:

  • Deployment Discussion -> Discuss the need, and publication location/method, for documentation that details rollout of SIDR technologies in an operational network.
  • Router / Prefix / ROA / CRL - RPKI Repository Data Freshness -> Discuss the requirements for RPKI Repository function with respect to at least:
    • Basic Repository size/speed (num objectss, change/churn,
    • Update / Freshness speed for at least the listed items (ROAs, CRLs, Router Certs)
    • Local / Remote availability (resilience of the system to outages)
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