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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#2 Objection noted to operational considerations in architecture document new task major arch
#7 nits for roa-validation new defect major milestone1 roa-validation
#8 Distinguished Names in the RPKI new enhancement medium res-certs
#10 Notice of changes to the CP - time for such notice new defect medium cp
#11 Nit Report - provisioning protocol new defect medium rescerts-provisioning
#15 Incremental deployment concerns new defect medium arch
#16 use of CMS and TLS and HTTPS new task medium rescerts-provisioning
#17 editorial concerns for rescerts-provisioning-05.txt new defect medium rescerts-provisioning
#18 language describing signing new enhancement medium repos-struct
#3 Nit Report - CP draft new task minor cp
#5 Nit report - terminology new defect minor rescerts-provisioning
#6 Nit Report - Architecture document new defect minor arch
#13 Nit Report - ROA Format new defect minor roa-format
#14 Nit Report - architecture document new defect minor arch
#12 Comment new defect trivial roa-format
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