Secdispatch Wiki

Guidelines for effective participation in the Secdispatch working group

Starting Points

Make sure to read the charter and join the mailing list. You can also browse the mailing list archives.

The DISPATCH Process™

Ground Rules

  • Secdispatch recommends next steps for new work
  • Secdispatch DOES NOT adopt drafts

Possible Outcomes of Meeting

  • Direct to an existing WG
  • Propose a new, focused WG
  • AD-sponsorship (assuming AD is willing)
  • Additional discussion or community development required
  • IETF should not work on this topic

Requesting Time on the Agenda

As face-to-face time is very valuable, it's important to prepare for it. It is recommended to start a thread in the mailing list introducing the topic you'd like to present. Helpful items to include in the first mail are:

  1. pointers to a draft(s)
  2. pointers to ongoing/prior discussions
  3. pointers to implementations
  4. pointers to any other background materials
  5. summarizing prior engagement with existing WGs
  6. summarizing who would want to advance this work
  7. desired next steps
  8. desired time for discussion

When requesting agenda time, please also CC the chairs.

The chairs will consider the points above and any deriving discussions when setting up the agenda. Also, keep these in mind when preparing your presentation!

Note that precedence in the meeting will be given to documents that have demonstrated interest in the form of active drafts and mailing list discussion, as well as presenters who submit slides according to the timeline. The chairs reserve the right to remove presentations from the agenda if slides are not sent in on time.

To submit your slides, upload them directly (requires datatracker login) or send them to the chairs. Please remember to put page numbers on your slides!

Current submitted agenda items are listed in ietf108 (work in progress).

Timeline for IETF 108

Date Event
2020-05-25 (Monday) First call for agenda items, deadline 06-11
2020-06-12 (Friday) Cut-off date for requests to schedule Working Group meetings at UTC 23:59
2020-06-26 (Friday) Preliminary IETF Agenda published for comment.
2020-07-01 (Wednesday) Cut-off date for requests to reschedule meeting UTC 23:59.
2020-07-02 (Thursday) Final IETF agenda to be published.
2020-07-03 (Friday) Second call for agenda items, deadline 07-14
2020-07-13 (Monday) Internet Draft submission cut-off by UTC 23:59.
2020-07-15 (Wednesday) Draft Working Group agendas due by UTC 23:59.
2020-07-15 (Wednesday) Third call for agenda items, deadline 07-19
2020-07-20 (Monday) Revised Working Group agendas due by UTC 23:59.
2020-07-20 (Monday) Call for note-takers and jabber scribes.
2020-07-20 (Monday) Slides submission deadline (meeting date - 7)
2020-07-?? (Friday) Secdispatch meeting
2020-08-21 (Friday) Proceedings submission cutoff date by UTC 23:59.
2020-08-?? (Monday) Proceedings submission corrections cutoff date by UTC 23:59.

Good to Think About

  • Because of the dispatch nature of the working group, participants in secdispatch mail threads might not be subscribed to the mailing list. Think about keeping people you are addressing in the To: field, if you want to make sure they see your email.
  • Send your slides on time!

Contact Points

  • Mailing list - secdispatch@…
  • WG chairs: Francesca Palombini, Kathleen Moriarty, Richard Barnes - secdispatch-chairs@…
  • Area directors: Roman Danyliw, Ben Kaduk - secdispatch-ads@…
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