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Ticket Summary Component Resolution
#1 Consider roles within groups core-schema wontfix
#2 Add pagination capability to plural Resource attributes api wontfix
#8 Targeting and proxying api wontfix
#9 Add ability to mark attributes as unique in the schemas core-schema fixed
#10 Add ability to mark attributes as sensitive in the schemas core-schema fixed
#12 OpenID Connect and SCIM end points api wontfix
#16 Attribute selection in query responses api duplicate
#24 Add the negation operator to the Filtering section api fixed
#26 Allow search for groups with member foo, but only return member foo and not all members api wontfix
#31 Support for Consistent Paged Results api wontfix
#38 Clarify the schema extension model core-schema fixed
#42 Consider making server root searches optional api fixed
#48 Operations with Extended Schema Attributes api wontfix
#49 ew (ends with) filter missing api fixed
#50 Filter semantics does not allow for filtering on complex plural attributes api fixed
#52 Some minor textual changes, after a review of the 02 specs core-schema fixed
#53 Spec defines "Consumer" but uses the word "client" through out the spec. api fixed
#54 Also define the core resource when referencing attributes api fixed
#55 HTTP Redirect and Alias Support api fixed
#56 Make manager attribute consistent with other $ref attributes core-schema fixed
#57 Update all "/v1" URLs to "/v2" to reflect SCIM v2 api fixed
#58 ResourceType objects should have an "id" core-schema fixed
#59 Fix capitalization to conform with IETF doc practices api fixed
#60 Update spec doc link URLs to References api fixed
#35 Define Mutability for Attributes (was: Canonical types for Group members...) core-schema fixed
#39 Clarification on response body for DELETE api fixed
#51 Formalize searching by schema api fixed
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