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The charter of the Routing Area working group (RTGWG) can be found at This charter gives the RTGWG two main functions.

RTGWG is chartered to discuss and evaluate proposals for New Work within the Routing Area, with the goal of finding a home for that work in an existing or new WG in the Routing Area, or rejecting or deferring the New Work. The process for handling New Work Proposals is described in RTGWG Process for Handling New Work.

RTGWG is also chartered to work on specific small topics that don't fit within an existing working group, as well as larger topics which are explicitly included in the charter. The process for work on topics within the RTGWG charter is described in Working on Topics in the RTGWG Charter.

Other RTGWG Pages

This page is an example of a Wiki page added by a WG participant. ExampleOpenIssuesInDraftXYZ

Editing this Wiki

Participants in the RTGWG are encouraged to use this Wiki for RTGWG related work. To do so, edit this page and create a link under Other RTGWG Pages using a CamelCase name. (An example is provided above.) After submitting the changes, a link for the new page will appear with the question mark next to it. Click that link, and you will be given the option to create the new page.

In order to edit the Wiki, you will need to be logged in with a datatracker account. An account can be created at if you don't have one already (but please don't create a new account if you alredy have one -- use Password Reset if you've lost your password).

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