Routing Area Working Group Chair Training

In June 2014, Alia and Adrian started a series of WG Chair training sessions. In addition to the WG Chair training sessions, we also have WG Chair Chats periodically (1-3 between IETFs) for open discussion on topics of interest.

At each IETF since IETF 90, there is also a face-to-face optional meeting for Routing Area Working Group chairs. At this lunch, we usually discuss something of interest and also go over the topics and schedule for the training and chats.

Below are the slides and recordings from those which have happened. The quality of the recording may vary from recording what actually happened - with free discussion afterwards not recorded - to a more concise and edited version of the video.

Please feel free to comment on the usefulness of the materials for a meeting, including your name.

WG Chair Training Topic Meeting Date Presentation Recording Viewer Comments
1) Initial Meeting June 25, 2014 Initial Presentation Initial Recording
2) Consensus Training August 27, 2014 On Consensus Consensus Recording
3) People Management: How to Say No? October 9, 2014 How to Say No No Recording (webex was full)
4) How To Use Interims January 21, 2015 Use of InterimsInterim Recording
5) Project Management for WGs January 28, 2015 Project Managements for WGs Project Management Recording
6) Yang/NetConf 101 April 14, 2015 Yang/NetConf PresentationPart 1 Part 2 Part 3 Yang/!NetConf Recording
7) Civility in Working Groups May 19, 2015 Civility in Working Groups Recording
8) Document Shepherds - Doing It Well June 9, 2015 Document Shepherds Recording
9) Charters and Milestones - What Are They For? September 15, 2015 Charters and Milestones Recording
10) On Operational Realities and Security January 19, 2016 Presentation Recording
11) Datatracker Tips and Tricks February 9, 2016 no separate presentation Recording
12) Growing Non-Newcomers in the WG June 7, 2016 no separate presentation Recording
13) On Consenus - Reprise Oct 4, 2016 see earlier training On Consensus Recording
14) Difficult Conversations Jan 17, 2017 10am - 11:30am EST Presentation Recording
15) How to Review YANG modules Feb 14, 2017 11am - 12:30pm EST Recording
16) Workshop: Current State of IPv6 only June 12, 2017 11am-12:30pm Recording
17) How-to for YANG tools Sep 26, 2017 11am - 12pm EST Recording

Scheduled Meetings:

Meeting Name Meeting Date
WG Chair Chat

Potential Topics for Future Meetings:

  • Privacy considerations and how they apply to Routing
  • On technical topics (TBD?)
  • Pet peeves or concerns with the Routing Architecture
  • Mechanics of draft progression

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