cross-WG YANG models Summary

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This table is used to track cross-WG YANG models,relate topic group and relevant drafts. This table update should be maintained by YANG coordinators rather than YANG model draft authors.

No. Cross-WG Models Topic GroupRelevant draftsCorresponding TitleDate Last Updatedcorresponding WGannouced on the coordination list
01Key Management YANG modelsGroup adraft-acee-rtg-yang-key-chain-00A Key Chain YANG Data Model12/2014?Yes
-- --
02Core Routing YANG models Group adraft-ietf-netmod-routing-cfg-16A YANG Data Model for Routing Management10/2014netmodYes
-- --
03Generic YANG OAM modelsGroup gdraft-tissa-lime-yang-oam-model-03Generic YANG Data Model for OAM 10/2014netmodYes
-- --
04Interface to RIB model Group fdraft-ietf-i2rs-rib-info-model-04Routing Information Base Info Model12/2014i2rsYes
-- --
05TE topology YANG models Group cdraft-liu-yang-abstract-te-topo-00A Yang Data Model for Abstract TE Topologies10/2014 ? Yes
Group cdraft-liu-yang-ted-00A Yang module for Traffic Engineering Database (TED)12/2014?Yes
Group cdraft-contreras-supa-yang-network-topo-01A YANG Data Model for Network Topologies10/2014supaYes
-- --
06Network Topology YANG modelsGroup fdraft-clemm-i2rs-yang-l3-topo-00A YANG Data Model for Layer 3 Topologies10/2014i2rsYes
Group fdraft-clemm-i2rs-yang-network-topo-01A YANG Data Model for Network Topologies10/2014i2rsYes
Group fdraft-dong-i2rs-l2-network-topology-00A YANG Data Model for Layer-2 Network Topologies10/2014i2rsYes
-- --
07MPLS TE YANG models Group cdraft-gandhi-mpls-te-yang-model-00YANG Data Model Tree Structures for MPLS Traffic Engineering Tunnels and Links10/2014mplsYes
|Group cdraft-chen-mpls-te-yang-cfg-00Yang Model for MPLS Traffic Engineering(TE)8/2014mplsYes
-- --
08Service Template Model|Group edraft-l3vpn-service-yang-00YANG Data Model for L3VPN service delivery2/2015l3smYes
  • Topic Groups:
    • Group a: IP ROUTING (Core routing, ISIS, OSPF,etc)
    • Group b: MPLS (MPLS-TP, GMPLS,LDP,etc)
    • Group c: Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE, ISIS-TE, OSPF-TE,PCEP, etc)
    • Group d: Data Plane Encapsulation (NVO3, SFC,Softwire,L2TPEXT)
    • Group e: Service (IP VPN, ETH VPN, PW Service,etc)
    • Group f: I2RS (RIB, Topo,etc)
    • Group g: OAM (LIME, BFD, TRILL OAM, MPLS OAM,etc)
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