Routing Area YANG Technical Coordinators Job Description

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The Routing ADs have appointed Qin Wu bill.wu@… and David Sinicrope david.sinicrope@… as the Routing Area YANG Coordinators. The ADs intend to delegate a lot of the day-to-day tasks associated with coordinating the development of YANG models in the Routing Area to these two coordinators, including the maintenance of this Wiki.

Routing Area YANG Technical Coordinators

YANG models have been recognised as an important component in the future configuration, management, and operation of the routing infrastructure.

Work has started on large number of YANG models across the IETF and in particular in the Routing Area. This work is in need of coordination and direction, so the Routing ADs have appointed two Routing Area YANG Technical Coordinators to assist them.

The Routing Area YANG Technical Coordinators are responsible to:

  • Ensure that the authors of all YANG modules in the Routing Area or related to routing announce their I-Ds on rtg-yang-coord@…
  • Ensure that all YANG modules in the Routing Area or related to routing are directed to the appropriate routing area working groups for discussion and adoption.
  • Maintain the Routing Area Yang Coordination Forum wiki page? adding pages as necessary to track all IETF YANG work related to routing. This should include at least:
    • pointers to all Internet-Drafts
    • current status of these drafts
      • whether announced on the coordination list
      • whether announced on a working group mailing list
    • relationship with other YANG models
  • Encourage cooperation between authors of related or competing YANG models related to routing by spotting relationships and overlaps and pointing these out to the authors.
  • Provide or facilitate reviews of all YANG models in the Routing Area or that are related to routing including to check for consistency with the architecture and hierarchy. This task may involve the coordinators performing the reviews themselves, requesting reviews from the Routing Directorate, encouraging reviews by known experts or working groups, and soliciting YANG Doctor reviews.
  • Assist in the establishment of an architecture and YANG model hierarchy for routing YANG models by facilitating an Design Team with the specific task of developing a document describing these aspects. Facilitation shall include arranging discussion meetings, taking notes and recording actions at meetings, helping to edit documents, and keeping the ADs and community informed about progress.
  • Coordinate with progress and work on YANG models in other areas especially, but not limited to, work in the LIME and Netmod working groups and on models designed for enabling or provisioning services. This coordination will primarily take the form of communication to inform people outside the Routing Area of the work within the area, but also to inform the ADs and the area (through the rtg-yang-coord mailing list) of relevant work.
  • Report to the ADs on the progress of YANG models in the Routing Area and to flag issues and concerns as or before they occur.
  • Report to the community on the progress of YANG models in the Routing Area.

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