Routing Area English Language Review Team

This team of volunteers exists to help non-native writers improve the readability and English usage in their drafts. The theory is that a draft that is clear and unambiguous will get better technical reviews and will be more likely to result in interoperable implementations.

How to Use the Team

The team is self-managing. If you as an author or a WG chair would like a document reviewed at any time in its lifecycle then pick a volunteer from the list below, and contact them to ask for help.

How to Volunteer as a Reviewer

Just add yourself to the list below in normal wiki style. Please take care to follow the format.

How to Review

Talk with the document authors to see what they are interested in hearing from you. Don't waste your effort producing a review that is very detailed if the authors are about to completely rewrite the text and are only asking about structure of the document!

It may be poor use of your time getting into precise (some might say pedantic) discussions of very detailed usage (such as which/that), and it may be more helpful to look at things that make the meaning more difficult to parse.


Please add yourself as a volunteer following this template.

Name Email Can take on new work Date last updated Currently reviewing Documents reviewed
Joe English joe at NO 2014-04-01 draft-atlas-gibberish-09 draft-ietf-foo-banana-00
Loa Swenglish loa at pi.eyed YES 2011-04-01 none
Susan Hares shares at YES 2014-07-24 none
Matt Hartley mhartley at YES 2014-07-24 none draft-ietf-mpls-smp-requirements-04
Russ White russw at YES 2014-07-24 none
Dhruv Dhody dhruv.ietf at YES 2014-07-24 none
Pablo Frank pabloisnot at YES 2014-07-25 none

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