Routing Directorate Members Experience and Interests

This page gives a very brief summary of the experience and interests of the members of the Routing Area Directorate. It is intended to give the ADs and Administrators some clues when they are looking for specific skills or clue.

When you joins the Routing Directorate, you should update this wiki page. Please update your entry and keep updating it as your interests change. But please don't add too much detail.

Directorate Experience and Interests

Loa Andersson (last updated : 2014-04-22)

  • Coded LDP (well it was an experimental version and started with TDP)
  • Written/co-authored RFCs 3036, 3212, 3468, 4026, 4664, 4691, 4928, 4929, 4948, 5037, 5317, 5462, 5505, 5828, 6291, 6373, 7087, which is mostly mpls, ccamp and l2vpn, as well as wg house-keeping
  • Follow CCAMP, L2VPN, PWE3, L3VPN, BFD and PCE
  • Chair MPLS
  • Chair GELS BoF
  • Interested in network architecture
  • Have some operational experience from academic test network and nation wide network

Emmanuel Baccelli (last updated: 1 Feb. 2019)

  • Have co-authored some RFCs in OSPF, AUTOCONF, MANET and ROLL;
  • Have coded a tiny OLSRv1 implementation, and parts of OSPFv3 and RPL;
  • I am an active participant and co-founder of the open source community developing the IoT operating system RIOT;
  • Interests include low-power and low memory footprint protocols for Internet of Things, and spontaneous, multi-hop wireless networks, of the managed and unmanaged kinds, information centric networking;
  • Aiming to follow working groups such as CoRE, SUIT, 6lo, T2TRG, ICNRG, lpwan, lwig...

Lou Berger (last updated : 1/11/19)

  • Authored numerous RFCs, mostly related to GMPLS and RSVP, but also some LMP, OSPF, BGP, L1VPN. More recently have been doing working on Yang, DetNet? and DLEP
    If really interested look [https/:/ here]
  • Co-chair: TEAS, NetMod?, DetNet?
    Past chair of: CCAMP, ST2 (a long time ago) and a couple of BoFs? (SDN most recently)
  • Tracking many RTG and some OPS WGs (now dormant) RRG
  • Member of the ANRP Nomination Committee and dormant RSVP Directorate and
  • Maintainer and contributor to FRRouting fork of Quagga/Zebra?
  • Coded 1822, ST, IPv4 and v5 forwarding paths, 802.1D, RSVP, RSVP-TE (MPLS & GMPLS), some EGP, OSPF, BGP, SIP, DIAMETER, and others I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Manav Bhatia (last updated : 2014-04-28)

  • Coded several BGP features for a router vendor many moons ago.
  • Written/co-authored RFCs in OSPF, IS-IS, KARP, IPv6, BFD, IPSecME WGs
  • Designed and implemented L3 data path on several Alcatel-Lucent switch/router products.
  • Interested in SDN and clouds (isnt everyone these days is?)

Matthew Bocci (last updated : 17th January 2018)

  • Co-chair of NVO3
  • Former co-chair of PWE3 and ANCP
  • Co-author of numerous Pseudowire and MPLS-TP RFCs
  • Also interested in data center networks, CCAMP, L2VPNs, control protocols, and OAM technologies
  • Extensive experience of network modelling and simulation

Ron Bonica (last updated : date)

  • Past co-chair CCAMP WG
  • Past co-chair L3VPN WG
  • Authored RFCs in MPLS, L3VPN and BESS WGs

Stewart Bryant (last updated : 13th May 2014)

  • Former Routing Area Director
  • Former Chair PWE3
  • PWE3 Registries Technical Expert
  • Former Chair TICTOC
  • Active in MPLS, RTGWG
  • Current Interest in Tunnels, FRR and SDN technologies
  • Some knowledge of the IGPs and VPN technologies
  • SUNSET RTG Advisior
  • Formerly active in IPFIX

Ross Callon (last updated : Dec 2014)

  • Past co-chair MPLS
  • Co-author of MPLS architecture
  • Former Routing AD, former IAB
  • Former co-chair of L3VPN, IS-IS, IPv6, OPSEC
  • Paying some attention to BIER, LISP, IP fast re-route and LFA

Daniele Ceccarelli (last updated : 2019 Jan)

  • Co-chair CCAMP -
  • BoF Co-Chair: ACTN. Co-author of framework, requirements and info model in TEAS
  • Co-author of RFCs in CCAMP, TEAS and MPLS.
  • Active in CCAMP, TEAS, PCE, MPLS(less)
  • Paying some attention to SPRING, I2RS, RTGWG, Network slicing
  • Working experience: GMPLS system management and network architecture, transport SDN product management.

Mach Chen (last updated : 2014-05-13)

  • Coded BGP, MPLS, L2/L3 VPNs
  • Active in MPLS, BFD, PWE3, PCE, SPRING
  • Author/co-author RFCs and drafts in CCAMP, IDR, MPLS, BFD, OSPF, ISIS, PWE3, L2VPN etc.
  • Currently interested in SDN and network virtualization

Thomas Clausen (last updated : 2014-05-13)

  • Co-chaired the ill-fated AUTOCONF wg;
  • Follow carefully: 6lo, ROLL, MANET, OSPF, HOMENET;
  • Follow, but perhaps a little less carefully: SPRING, KARP;
  • Have written / co-authored a bunch of RFCs in OSPF, MANET, and ROLL;
  • Have been contributing a bit to IEEE 802.11s many moons ago; more recently, co-wrote Annex D of ITU-T G.9903 amd1 (02/2014);
  • Have coded up a couple of OSPF interface types, OLSR, OLSRv2, and RPL;
  • Generally interested in unplanned, spontaneous, constrained, wireless networks, and how to develop protocols, architectures permitting such;
  • Do not really understand enough about MPLS to be able to offer qualified reviews in that field yet.

Bruno Decraene (last updated : 2018-01-17)

  • Mostly active in BGP (IDR, possibly GROW in OPS if relevant) and SPRING.
  • co-chair SPRING WG
  • Have written/co-authored the following draft/RFC mostly related to SPRING, BGP (IDR, GROW), RTGWG, IS-IS, MPLS datatracker
  • Working for service provider.
  • Other interests
    • unicast FRR, link state IGP loop free convergence (RTGWG)
    • Link State IGP (IS-IS, RTGWG) but with no in depth knowledge of the protocol machinery/implementation.
    • Used to be active in L3 VPN BGP/MPLS unicast but not any more.
    • Some following and contributions in MPLS.

John Drake (last updated : date)

  • To Be Completed

Adrian Farrel (last updated : January 16, 2018)

  • Main interests/skills in signalling and connection-oriented networks.
    • Especially traffic engineering and path computation
    • So that's MPLS, GMPLS, and PCE
  • Been doing SFC and SR work lately
  • Pedant about English and IETF process
  • Co-chair L2SM working group
  • Technical advisor to TEAS WG
  • Used to co-chair L1VPN, PCE, CCAMP, L3SM, I2NSF
  • Was a RTG AD once upon a time
  • Written a few RFCs
  • Appointed ISE from February 2018

Dan Frost (last updated : 18 Jan 2016)

  • Co-author/editor of some MPLS and MPLS-TP architecture and protocol RFCs
  • Background in both service provider and equipment vendor architecture/engineering
  • Interests include general routing, software/network alignment, strategic issues, and Internet freedom/security/privacy

Les Ginsberg (last updated : 2nd June 2014)

  • IS-IS (including ISO 10589, CLNS and IP/IPv6 support, Layer 2 support)
  • Co-author of numerous IS-IS RFCs
  • Interested in IP fast re-route and loop prevention
  • Actively follow BFD, OSPF, and Homenet WGs

Eric Gray (last updated : 21 May, 2014)

  • Co-authored numerous RFCs in MPLS and other WGs, acknowledged contributor to many more
  • Software and System Engineer in several router projects, with various employers
  • Primarily interested in network virtualization at multiple layers, general routing and congestion management/avoidance

Hannes Gredler (last updated : 28 July 2014)

  • Co-chair IS-IS
  • Coding expertise in BGP, IS-IS and MPLS infrastructure
  • Main Interest in IP/MPLS FRR and SPRING source routing

Joel Halpern (last updated : 23 April 2014)

  • Co-Chair KARP and LISP WGs
  • Active in I2RS, SFC, and ForCES WGs
  • Follow ongoing IPv6 related WGs
  • Former Routing AD (long ago)
  • formerly active in OSPF, IS-IS, and IDR
  • Co-authored drafts in transport (diff-serv) and O&M (Policy Management)
  • Formerly active in MPLS and LxVPN, but very rusty on newer work
  • Interested in all things SDN (which seems to be marketing speak for "everything")

Jonathan Hardwick (last updated : 12 Feb 2019)

  • Software engineer working on IP / MPLS / GMPLS control and management planes.
  • Was a co-chair of PCE
  • Implemented BGP, L2/L3 VPNs, MPLS & Segment Routing control plane, PCE, PIM
  • Interested in SDN, NFV, segment routing and FRR
  • Following mainly PCE, TEAS, SPRING, MPLS, IDR, RTGWG

Sue Hares (last updated : date)

  • WG chair in I2RS, IDR, TRILL
  • Active in I2RS, IDR, BESS, SIDR and all thing SDN related
  • Active in SFC, ForCES,Spring, TEAS, OSPF, ISIS
  • Familar with CCAMP, MPLS, PCE, and PAL
  • On OPS-DIR and able to read MIB or Yang modules

Jia He (last updated : date)

  • To Be Completed

Christian Hopps (last updated : Jan 13th, 2016)

  • Co-Chair IS-IS WG
  • Currently Senior Architect @ Deutsche Telekom working on Terastream project.
  • Have worked on routing for Cisco, Procket, Allegro Networks, NextHop Technologies and GateD.
  • Member of routing area yang design team
  • Active in IS-IS, Yang, follow other routing WGs.
  • [Co]-Authored various RFCs.
  • NetBSD Developer

Geoff Huston (last updated : date)

  • To Be Completed

Acee Lindem (last updated : May 1st, 2014)

  • Co-Chair OSPF WG
  • Currently Ericsson Distinguished Engineer focusing on IPOS Routing and IPOS system architecture
  • Have also worked on routing for Cisco IOS, Redback SEOS, and IBM Nways
  • Active in OSPF, KARP, and RTG WGs. Also follow Homenet, ISIS, and IDR.
  • Homenet Routing Advisor
  • Co-Authored RFCs in OSPF, CCAMP, MIP, and VRRP WGs.
  • Interested in OSPFv3 modernization, IP Fast Re-Route, Segment Routing, and routing scaling/convergence.

Andy Malis (last updated : 11 January 2019)

  • Co-chair of PALS WG
  • Former (co-)chair of PWE3, IPATM, FRNETMIB, ROLC, other WGs and BOFs lost to history
  • Former IAB member
  • Authored/co-authored 40+ RFCs (largely but not all related to ARPANET, multiprotocol encapsulation over various layer 2 technologies, MPLS, pseudowires, and other MPLS applications & offshoots)
  • Currently primarily working on Detnet, service chaining, and related areas
  • Outside the IETF, have been active/authored specs in (roughly chronological order) Frame Relay Forum, ATM Forum, MPLS Forum, Broadband Forum, ITU-T, ETSI NFV ISG, and the ONF
  • Wrote ARPANET IMP and X.25 PSN code back in the dawn of time

Julien Meuric (last updated : 2014-06-05)

  • Co-chair of the PCE WG
  • Follows CCAMP, MPLS, OSPF, I2RS, SPRING...
  • Co-authored several RFCs in CCAMP and PCE
  • Implemented some pieces of LMP (a decade ago)

Tal Mizrahi (last updated : 2018-01-17)

  • Secretary of the SFC WG.
  • Active in NVO3, DETNET, IPPM, NTP, TICTOC.
  • Contributed to IEEE 1588, ONF.
  • Interested in the data plane aspects of routing, time synchronization, timestamping, OAM, performance measurement.

Thomas Morin (last updated : 2017-01-20)

  • Co-chairing BESS WG (had been co-chairing L3VPN since 2012 until it became BESS)
  • Co-authored RFCs, essentially around multicast (in particular multicast in VPNs and multicast MPLS)
  • Currently follows working groups related to network virtualization (BESS, MPLS, NVO3, SFC, I2RS) and Yang efforts
  • Also an active Openstack contributor on networking topics

Ben Niven-Jenkins (last updated : 18-01-2018)

  • Used to chair L3VPN WG
  • Architected MPLS & PWE3 networks at a large operator
  • Involved in the early days of MPLS-TP
  • Played with some OSPF-TE & RSVP-TE code a long time ago as part of a research project
  • I spend most of my time at layer 4-7 these days

Dimitri Papadimitriou (last updated : 18-01-2018)

  • Follow/contribute: NMRG, ICCRG, ICNRG, DINRG, MAPRG, RRG (dormant)
  • Main interests: Routing/network algorithmic, Network optimization, Reliability & Resilience
  • Other interests: Machine learning & Distributed learning algorithms
  • Chaired IETF BoF: GELS (in YVR reason why this city always gives a bitter taste to me)
  • Chaired Proposed IRTF RG: LCCN (Learning-Capable Communication Networks)

Keyur Patel (last updated : date)

  • To Be Completed

Carlos Pignataro (last updated : 23 April 2014)

  • Written RFCs on BMWG, L2tpext, Intarea, MPLS, Opsec, OSPF, PWE3, RTGWG, Softwire, and April 1st.
  • Co-chairs L2tpext
  • Follows 6MAN, BFD, I2RS, SFC, Spring
  • Interested in Complexity, SDN, Operations, OAM, Open Source

Tony Przygienda (last updated : 2016-05-05)

  • Co-chair BIER
  • mobile if needed

Michael Richardson (last updated: 2018-01-30)

  • former co-chair ROLL, now secretary
  • not a traditional IGP/EGP geek; just operational experience in the field
  • sometimes Zebra/Quagga?/FRR hacker
  • frequent Linux routing and IPsec hacker
  • mostly focused on 6tisch, ROLL and ANIMA. Overlays are my thing

Henning Rogge (last updated: 7 Jan 2016)

  • Written DAT Metric draft for MANET group
  • Follows MANET, HOMENET and MPTCP
  • Coding NHDP, OLSRV2 (including extensions) and DLEP for embedded hardware (see
  • Main interests: Mesh Routing (including relation to Layer 2)
  • Other interests: Lightweight Security, IPv6, Autoconfiguration

Ines Robles (last updated: 21 Jan 2019)

  • Co-chair of ROLL
  • Interested in RPL, and IoT Management.
  • Doing a PhD related to IoT Management.

John Scudder (last updated : date)

  • To Be Completed

Ravi Singh (last updated: 4 Jan 2016)

David Sinicrope (last updated : date)

  • To Be Completed

Andy Smith (last updated: 26 Jan 2018)

  • Actively following MPLS, PCE, SPRING, SRv6, 6MAN
  • Somewhat following HOMENET, SFC
  • Background in cable broadband, DOCSIS, linear/fragmented video, large metro networks
  • Always interested in network architecture, monetization, protocol design, regulation, open source

Tomonori Takeda (last updated : 2015-05-13)

  • Follow CCAMP, PCE
  • Interest in network architecture, SDN, operation

Sasha Vainshtein (last updated : 22.04.14)

  • Actively following PWE3, L2VPN, L3VPN, MPLS
  • Trying to follow I2RS, NVO3, SPRING (just started)
  • Written RFCs on TDM PWs
  • Major focus: Network design and architecture; Router design and architecture
  • Never chaired anything/never has been on NOC

Stig Venaas (last updated : 2014-12-22)

  • Co-chair pim
  • Written RFCs in multicast
  • Major focus: multicast routing

Martin Vigoureux (last updated : 2014-07-02)

  • Implemented OSPF-TE extensions on vendor stack and portions of OSPF-TE, RSVP-TE, LMP in control plane emulator
  • Co-Chair of L3VPN, Delegate|Secretary of MPLS
  • been/is mostly active in CCAMP, PWE3, MPLS
  • actively follows: L2VPN, NVO3, SFC, SPRING; and to a lesser extent: PCE, OSPF, ISIS, I2RS
  • non-RTGAREA WGs of interest include: OPSAWG, HOMENET, NETCONF, NETMOD, NMRG
  • Interested in network architecture, control protocols, network operations, IoT, function virtualization, regulation

Russ White (last updated : 19 April 2014)

  • Follow I2RS, IRNCG, IDR, OSPF, IS-IS, and RTGWG
  • Major Focus: Network Design and Architecture; SDNs; Protocol Deployment; Security
  • Minor Focus: Internet Governance; Network Management; Protocol Design; TRILL
  • Interest in: Open Source; Homenet; anything else related to control plane and design

IJsbrand Wijnands (last updated: 4 Jan 2016)

Patrice Brissette (last updated: 13 Jan 2017)

  • Actively following PWE3, L2VPN, L3VPN, MPLS, EVPN and SRv6
  • Follow SDN, NVO3, SPRING, BESS
  • Written drafts in BESS

Victoria Pritchard (last updated : 2017-01-30)

  • Follow mainly MANET, DTN, NETCONF, NETMOD
  • Interests in ad hoc networking and network management

Dhruv Dhody (last updated : 2018-01-16)

  • Author of RFCs in PCE, TEAS, MPLS
  • Primarily active in PCE, TEAS
  • Following loosely MPLS, RTGWG, IDR, OSPF, SPRING, SFC, CCAMP, ALTO, and NTP.
  • Coded PCE, TE, (some time ago features of VPN, NTP, OSPF as well)
  • Was involved with open source work in ONOS
  • PCE WG Secretary

Yingzhen Qu (last updated : 2018-01-31)

  • Active in OSPF, RTGWG, SPRING and NETMOD.
  • Also following ISIS, IDR, SFC and DETNET.
  • Interested in: network architecture, routing protocols, network operations and design.

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