A Charter for the Routing Area Directorate

The Routing Area Directorate is an advisory group of routing experts selected by the Area Directors.

The notion of a directorate is defined in RFC 2418 as follows:

   In many areas, the Area Directors have formed an advisory group or
   directorate. These comprise experienced members of the IETF and the
   technical community represented by the area. The specific name and
   the details of the role for each group differ from area to area, but
   the primary intent is that these groups assist the Area Director(s),
   e.g., with the review of specifications produced in the area.

What Does the Directorate Do?

The Routing Area Directorate is tasked to help the Routing Area Directors by performing specific tasks as set out below. Additional tasks may be added to this list over time.

  • Review all documents submitted to the IESG for publication that have routing significance
    • How is Review Triggered?
      • Triggered by request for early review (by any AD or by any Routing Area WG chair)
      • Triggered by document moving to 'publication requested' state (for routing area documents)
      • Triggered by IETF last call (for non-routing area documents that get IETF last call)
      • Triggered by entry on the IESG agenda (for other documents)
    • Who Reviews Each Document?
      • Each document is assigned to an individual member of the routing directorate
      • Assignments are made on a round-robin basis across the directorate. This ensures that we make full use of all the directorate members, and that each document gets a good cross-area review. This may mean that a reviewer will review a document that they do not have a deep background in. This is fine as the reviewer can always at least do a review for readability - and lack of readability is the number one issue that causes delays at the IESG stage of processing.
      • Reviewer responds rapidly with decision "yes, I will do it in appointed time", "yes, I will do it but need more time", "no, I cannot do it".
    • Routing Directorate review is not a substitute for the ADs reviewing documents that have major routing area implications.
  • Assist ADs with judgment issues when requested
    • The ADs may send email to the routing directorate list when they have issues that they want help with.

How is Document Review Organized?

Every Directorate member MUST notify the Routing Area Directorate Coordinator of periods of time when they will be unable to review documents (eg, due to vacation, travel, or whatever).

The Routing Area Directorate Coordinator will determine which "triggered" documents are appropriate for review. This cannot require the Coordinator to review each document so the following relevance criteria will be applied.

  • Some WGs are defined as "relevant to routing area" such that all their output will be reviewed. This will include:
    • All Routing Area WGs
    • Other key working groups as determined by the ADs
    • Some non-IETF WGs (such as the RRG) as determined by the ADs
  • ADs in other areas may alert the Routing ADs if they feel that a document has relevance to the Routing Area, and may request early review.
  • Documents that are not from a WG, but that nevertheless have an IETF last call are evaluated by the Routing Area Directorate Coordinators.
    • If the Coordinators determine that a review is needed, the review request is sent out as above.
    • If the Coordinators are unsure or decides "no", the Coordinators send an email to the ADs. Either AD may request that a review is held.
  • Documents that are not from a WG and do not have an IETF last must be assessed by the ADs who will request a review if necessary.
    • The Routing Area Directorate Coordinators assign each document that is triggered for review to a reviewer and issues a Review Request
      • If a Routing Area Directorate member is also a WG chair, they will not be assigned any documents from the WG they chair. (It is assumed that they already review documents from own their WG).
      • WG secretaries / administrators / routing advisors will not get assigned documents from the WGs they serve.
      • Authors and contributors to a document will not be assigned that document for review.
    • The Review Request includes:
      • Deadline for completion of the review
      • Specific procedures to follow (such as, where to send the response)
      • Boilerplate text to include in response
      • A list of things to look for and how to report them
    • The reviewer must ACK within 24 hours "can review by deadline", "can review, but need additional time", or "can't review"
      • No reply is interpreted as "can't review".
      • If a reviewer can't provide the review it is assigned to different reviewer.
      • If a reviewer asks for additional time, the review may be assigned to a different reviewer if the extra time cannot be found.

To say this one more time, to ensure we have timely reviews, it is really important that reviewers respond quickly when receiving a request. If a reviewer does not respond within a day or two, the review will be reassigned. If you don’t respond to / refuse 3 reviews over a 6 month period, we will suggest that you not be on the Directorate. If you are on vacation or will be without email, just let the Coordinators know (contact details below) and/or use an away-from-email auto-responder, and you will not be penalized.

How is the Directorate Formed?

  • Directorate members are assigned to the Directorate by the Routing Area Directors.
  • There is an expectation that Routing Directorate membership will not be limited to old-time routing gods from years past. It is assumed that the Directorate will include younger and newer participants who are interested in learning while doing work.
  • Each assignment is for a three year term.
  • The terms are staggered so that approximately 1/3 of the directorate members have their term end each year.
  • When the Directorate is first established members of the Directorate will be assigned either one year, two years, or three years in their first term.
    • When first being signed up, members MAY request a shorter term if they would prefer to start with a shorter commitment.
  • When a member's term expires, the Routing ADs may replace the person whose term expires, may reappoint the same person, or may reduce the size of the Directorate.
    • There is no expectation that the same person will either want to be returned, or will be returned.
  • The three year term serves as the limit of the commitment of a Directorate member, but also serves as a way to return Directorate members to the community.
  • In deciding whether to reappoint a member whose term has expired, the routing ADs may consider the quantity of work that they have done, the ADs' impression of the quality of the work, and the comments from the authors regarding the reviews.
  • Routing ADs can assign additional members to the Directorate whenever they want to, subject to willingness of people to serve.
  • Both ADs need to agree in order to assign a member to the Directorate.

How Are the Directorate Members Rewarded?

  • This is a way for routing experts to contribute to the routing area, and for people to learn more about the routing area and to get the gratitude of the routing directors.
  • Routing Area Directorate Members will be listed on a public web page.
  • Routing directorate members can put this fact on their resume, and Nominating Committee can take this into account for future appointments. ADs can also take this into account in choosing WG chairs.
  • The ADs may (at their discretion) try to find a way to show their gratitude (for example, through the purchase and distribution of beer).

Area Directors being advised

Contact the Routing ADs

Or contact them direct:

  • Deborah Brungard
  • Alvaro Retana
  • Martin Vigoureux

Routing Directorate Coordinators

The Routing Area Directorate is coordinated by:

  • Amy Min
  • Luc Burdet

Current Routing Area Directorate Membership

See the current list of Routing Area Directorate Members.

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