IETF 98 Routing Area Working Group High-Level Summary

Summaries and Status through IETF 98

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Meeting Day/Time: (If not meeting, just say so.)

WG Highlights: (Hot Topics, Work Streams, Cross-WG/Area items, other news, new/dead work, etc.)

WG Status Summary: (Publications/RFC Editor/IESG/WGLC Queues (since last IETF) -- Optional.)

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Meeting Tuesday @13:00

WG Highlights: Mainly working on moving the Babel protocol documents from Experimental to Standards track while making minor improvements. Presentations scheduled on detailed Draft status and open questions, multicast support, and data model.

WG Status Summary: Main protocol draft and applicability draft adopted by WG.

Links: Agenda WG Charter Minutes


Meeting: Monday/09:00

WG Highlights:

  • steady operations (attendance, document flow)
  • 3 WG LCs, 2 new WG Documents
  • two documents in "Publication Requested" state
  • two new editors on left aside documents (end-system and mibs)
  • a proposed BGP multicast draft will require coordination with PIM

WG Status Summary: see above

Links: Agenda, Materials, and Minutes


Meeting Monday @ 17:10

WG Highlights:

WG Status Summary:

  • No publications since BFD last met at IETF 96.
  • Working Group Status always up to date on the BFD Wiki


  • Codepoints called out and will be going to IANA
  • Ongoing discussion, interaction with IEEE on BIER Ethertype
  • Several drafts ready for last call
  • Will be starting work on the draft necessary towards Standards track outlining the deployment experience and resulting benefits, problems, and trade-offs for using BIER instead of traditional multicast forwarding mechanisms


Meeting three times

  • Session I: Tuesday 14:50-16:20
  • Session II: Friday 09:00-11:30, joint YANG session with TEAS, MPLS and PCE (hosted by MPLS)
  • Side meeting: FlexE meeting announced on the CCAMP and relevant ML

WG Highlights:

  • Microwave and millimiter wave DT: framework adopted, first version of the YANG model available, lots of comments received.
  • Transport NBI DT: use cases draft available
  • YANG models updated: WSON, WSON iv, Flexi Grid, IPoWDM interface, L1 topo
  • New Work: Beyond 100G (G709v5), FlexE

WG Status Summary:

Links: Agenda WG Charter Minutes



Session I: Monday 13:00 - 15:00 WG Highlights/Summary?:

Architecture document wrapping up soon. Original early documents (problem statement, data plane alternatives) basically done. Will progress, assuming no major revisions needed. Data plane solution design draft published, likely to be adopted before Prague.

Links: Agenda WG Charter Minutes Session notes Audio Video


I2RS met 3/29 (Wed. 1:00-3:00pm) Status:

  • in 2016, Requirements sent to NETMOD/NETCONF
  • in 2017, it appears Revised Datastores handling dynamic datastores and ephemeral state may come back.
  • Initial thoughts about I2RS additions to NETCONF/RESTCONF were presented in NETCONF/I2RS
  • If you have input or a desire to work on send notes to chair.
  • I2RS Topology model will use revised datastores view. WG LC will start again within 3 weeks.
  • Updates on I2RS FB-RIB given,
  • New protocol independent model presentations were given on Data Center Fabric and BNG Data-plane/Control plane.


IDR is on Friday 3/31 (9am-11:30am)

Major Topics:

New Work:


Meeting: Friday, 11:50-13:20 CST in Zurich G

WG Highlights:

  • Interest in spine-leaf topologies
  • Yang should be ready to go.

WG Status Summary:

Links: Agenda WG Charter Minutes



Meeting Thursday Afternoon Session I 13:00 -> 15:00

WG Highlights:

  • Three RFCs have been recently published:
    • RFC 8060 - LISP Canonical Address Format (LCAF)
    • RFC 8061 - LISP Data Plane Confidentiality
    • RFC 8113 - LISP Shared Extension Message and IANA Registry for Packet Type Allocations

WG Status Summary:

  • Requested Publication of the document draft-ietf-lisp-sec-12.txt
  • Document draft-ietf-lisp-signal-free-multicast-02.txt is currently in WG Last Call.
  • Adopted two documents for 6830bis and 6833bis to be also discussed at this meeting.
  • Several individual submissions to be presented at this meeting, concerning:
    • Mobility
    • Traffic Engineering
    • EID Anonymity
    • Blockchain-base mapping system
    • VPNs

Links: Agenda WG Charter


Meeting Thursday 15:20-17:20 (Zurich B)

WG Highlights:

  • OLSRv2 security threats doc in AUTH48 state
  • DLEP draft cleared IESG last call

WG Status Summary:

  • 4 documents (DLEP extensions) currently in flight

Links: Agenda WG Charter


Two Sessions:

  • Session I: Tuesday 09:50-11:30 (MPLS WG Session)
  • Session II: Friday 09:00-11:30, joint YANG session with TEAS, MPLS and PCE (hosted by MPLS)

WG Highlights:

Links: Agenda WG Charter


Meeting twice

  • Session I: 14:50-16:20 Tuesday Afternoon session II
  • Session II: 17:40-18:40 Thursday Afternoon session III

WG Highlights:

  • WG has had deadlock for some time over data plane encapsulation.
  • Data plane encapsulation design team now recommending draft-ietf-nvo3-geneve.
  • Held virtual interim meeting on 1st March to review recommendations of design team.
  • Held roundtable discussion format at IETF98, to discuss and progress Control plane, security and data plane related work.

WG Status Summary:

  • New RFC8014: NVO3 architecture
  • NVO3 use cases in RFC editors queue
  • NVO3 Multicast Framework document waiting for write-up.


Meeting: Thursday, 13:00-15:00 CST in Zurich D

WG Highlights:

  • OSPFv2 Segment Routing is to be WG last called before next IETF.
  • OSPF YANG model almost ready for WG last call (YANG Doctors review will be requested)
  • OSPFv3 LSA Extensions - May be an implementation
  • Discussions on MPLS Entropy label delaying two advertising OSPF drafts
  • Ongoing discussion of OSPF attribute advertisement for multiple applications

WG Status Summary:

  • RFC 8042 - OSPF Two-Part Metric
  • RFC 8099 - OSPF Topology Transparent Zone (TTZ)
  • A half dozen other drafts close to WG last call

Links: Agenda WG Charter Minutes


PALS did not meet this IETF.

PALS published three new RFCs:

  • RFC8024: Multi-Chassis Passive Optical Network (MC-PON) Protection in MPLS
  • RFC8077 (STD84): Pseudowire Setup and Maintenance Using the Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) (RFC4447bis)
  • RFC8104: Pseudowire (PW) Endpoint Fast Failure Protection

PALS has two drafts Approved Point Raised:

The status of our remaining drafts is as follows:

There are no other drafts in the queue. However the chairs have had a number of discussions with the DETNET design team about the applicability of PW technology to deterministic networking.


Meeting twice:

  • Monday Afternoon session II
  • Friday Morning: Yang-focused, jointly with CCAMP/MPLS/TEAS

WG Highlights:

  • Hierarchical PCE
    • About to last-call extensions to PCEP;
    • Stateful H-PCE is next;
    • Applicability to ACTN
  • Various stateful PCE refinements
    • LSP associations for various purposes (diversity, bidirectional, etc.);
    • Delegation request;
    • Bandwidth scheduling;
    • Performance Measurement;
    • Stateful + BRPC
  • Re-spin of PCEP for P2MP LSPs (RFC6006bis)
  • PCEP YANG model

WG Status Summary:

New RFCs:

In RFC Editor Queue:

Submitted to the IESG:

=> Main extensions for stateful PCE

Documents that have passed WGLC:

Links: Agenda WG Charter Minutes


Meeting Day-Time:

  • Tuesday Morning session I - 9:00-11:30

WG Highlights:

  • Focus on YANG models

WG Status Summary:

  • Published RFC 8059
  • Requested publishing of YANG PIM model draft
  • YANG IGMP/MLD models almost ready for last call
  • Adopted YANG MSDP draft
  • PIM source discovery draft ready for last call
  • 2 working group drafts not updated in a while


Meeting Day-Time:

  • Thursday Afternoon session III - 17:40-18:40

WG Highlights:

  • New Charter since December 2016
  • AODV-RPL new work that wiil require review from MANET
  • BIER-CCAST new work that wiil require review from PIM

WG Status Summary:

  • Routing-dispatch draft in RFC-Editor Queue
  • Useofrplinfo in WGLC
  • Six new drafts adopted as WG-Items since last IETF




  • 9:00-11:30 Wednesday Morning Session; Vevey 1/2
  • 15:20-17:20 Thursday Afternoon Session II; Zurich E/F

WG Highlights:

  • YANG work is progressing in great tempo, number of drafts are ready for WGLC
  • Routing in DC - 4 different solutions are being presented @Thursday meeting
  • New secretary - Yingzhen Qu

WG Status Summary:

Links: Agenda WG Charter Minutes


Meeting: Tuesday, 16.40 - 18.40 CST in Zurich D

WG highlights:

  • WG continues to work through the AIs from the Interim meeting held 10/14. Several AIs closed with consensus for the NSH document.

Close to resolving important issues such as general loop prevention

  • WG needs to progress SFC OAM work. Open discussion point within the WG.

Will be coordinated with general routing and OPS OAM activities

  • WG needs to decide how to progress work on control plane requirements.

The current document structure has meet with much resistance, but there is not currently a proposed alternative structure Hoping to engage the WG on this topic.

WG Status Summary:

Links: Agenda WG Charter


SIDR did not meet at this IETF, but status and discussion in SIDROPS 14:50-16:20 Tuesday Afternoon session II

WG Highlights:

dewindling down to a precious few remaining work items

WG Status Summary

9 drafts in RFC Editor queue

drafts remaining: 1 post IESG, 2 expired to be renewed, 1 wglc requested, 1 waiting resolution of AD comments, 1 waiting resolution of AD query, 1 blocked by idr draft progress

Links Charter no SIDR agenda - see SIDROPS agenda


Meeting: Tuesday/13:00

WG Highlights:

Important progress made. Reached challenging objective we had set in Seoul Thanks to WG, reviewers, authors, and shepherds

Couple of WG Docs remain, will be WG-LCed soon

We opened the discussion on next-steps for SPRING. Will continue on the list.

WG Status Summary:

7 documents to IESG

Links: Agenda, Materials, and Minutes



  • Session I: Monday 09:00 - 11:30
  • Session II: Friday 09:00 - 11:30, joint YANG session with CCAMP, MPLS and PCE

WG Highlights:

  • Yang Models: TE-Topology, TE/RSVP models are quite mature. Next steps involve getting the base versions ready for LC.
  • ACTN: Requirements and Framework documents (WG documents) are getting refined. Info Model document just got adopted.
  • PCE Central Control: Architecture document is almost baked. Use-Cases document just got adopted.

WG Status Summary:

Links: Agenda WG Charter Documents


Meeting Monday @ 15:20

WG Highlights: Presentations on Status of YANG Models, Possible new encoding of Fine Grained Labels, Parent Selection in distribution trees, and Smart End Nodes.

WG Status Summary: TRILL has documents at all stages going through the pipeline. Milestones are being updates but will not extend beyond March of 2018. The plan is to put through existing documents and minimize new work.

Links: Agenda WG Charter Minutes

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