IETF 94 Routing Area Working Group High-Level Summary

Summaries and Status through IETF 9, November 1-6, 2015 in Yokohama.

Summary Template

Meeting Day/Time: (If not meeting, just say so.)

WG Highlights: (Hot Topics, Work Streams, Cross-WG/Area items, other news, new/dead work, etc.)

WG Status Summary: (Publications/RFC Editor/IESG/WGLC Queues (since last IETF) -- Optional.)

Links: Agenda WG Charter Minutes


  • Meeting Thursday 13:00-15:00
  • WG Highlights:
    • group dynamics good and stable
    • most of the current work concern mVPN and EVPN
    • YANG work maturing slowly
    • being gently challenged by IESG on the ease to apprehend some of our documents; working on a solution
    • more after the meeting
  • WG Status Summary:
    • 1 new RFC (RFC 7611)
    • 6 documents sent to Alvaro/IESG
    • 3 documents WGLCed
    • 3 documents polled for adoption


  • Meeting Tuesday, 9:00-11:30
  • WG Highlights:
    • Status current on WG wiki:
    • Chair change: Welcome Reshad Rahman and thanks Nobo Akiya for all your work!
    • This session, covering:
      • BFD for VxLAN
      • BFD Yang module updates. Please also see the LIME Working Group for some interesting interaction.
      • BFD fast authentication - better crypto more sustainably.

  • WG Status Summary:
    • RFC 5884 (BFD for MPLS LSPs) considerations document about to be published.
    • S-BFD documents through WGLC, stalled on edits from AD comments. Nobo has handed off editorial pen. We need to decide what to do about the use-case document.
    • BFD Multipoint under WGLC. No comments yet and no support.
    • BFD MPLS MIB under WGLC. No comments yet and no support.


  • Meeting Friday morning


Meeting: Monday - 15:20-16:50 - Afternoon session II

WG Highlights:

  • Most of flexi grid drafts in the editor queue
  • Black links work turned into Management and Control of DWDM optical interfaces parameters
  • 3 technology specific yang drafts: WSON, flexi grid, optical interfaces parameters

WG Status Summary:

Links: Agenda WG Charter Minutes


Meeting: Monday, 9:00-11:30 Monday Morning session I, Room: 301

WG Highlights:

  • New consolidated use case document
  • Working towards adoption of initial 3 documents
  • Starting dicussions on data plane

WG Status Summary:

  • 1ST WG Meeting!

Links: Agenda WG Charter Minutes Tools


I2RS Focus:

  • Programmatic interface to routing system
  • (ephemeral state, notification, subscription to
  • publication of data, traceability of actions,
  • fast interaction

I2RS at Hackathon:

  • Won prize as "Best failure" with most learning

Meeting: Monday Nov 2 9:00-11:30am

Status: I2RS is ready to send IESG

  • problem statement, architecture,
  • 4 requirement documents for protocol,
  • security environment,
  • RIB Information model

I2RS is finalizing initial data modules

  • RIB Ephemeral Data model,
  • Filter-Based RIB Data Model,
  • Topology models (generic, L3, L2)

*[Service and L1 will finalize after this group]

Open Issues for drafts: *RIB should be aligned with routing-configuration *FB-RIB is feature for config and ephemeral, but

there is no config. Will define

  • Topology models are considering a "write"
  • that creates pieces of topology.
  • Debate will continue on list.

I2RS protocol proposal

  • Initial proposal for RESTCONF
  • Runs over Secure and Encrypted transport
  • uses "ephemeral" key word in Yang to specify yang modules.

I2RS WG next steps

  • finish Data Models
  • Accept Protocol Data Models in order to guide data models before going to WGs,
  • Encourage development of code (Open-source or vendor),
  • Ask operators regarding what they need from I2RS

Agenda - charter


  • Meeting Monday, 1:00 - 3:00
  • WG Highlights:
    • Focus this meeting, flow-spec
  • WG Status:
    • Documents:
      • 3 new RFCs (AS 0, Error Handling, Flowspec redirect RT)
      • AS-migration and link-distribution w/ RFC Ed
      • Route-server, SLA-exchange, RTC-no-RTC w/ IESG
      • 2 new early allocations
    • Working to finish (or EoL!)
      • add-path
      • custom decision
      • ASPATH ORF
      • Multisession
      • Dynamic capability
      • MIBv2
      • Link-bandwidth community
    • Recharter discussion 2016
  • Links:

Agenda Charter Minutes



  • L2TPExt is not meeting in Yokohama-shi


  • Meeting: Tuesday, November 3, 15:20, Room 301
  • WG Highlights:
    • LISP Impact approved by IESG but revised document needed.
    • IANA allocated prefix 2001:5::/32 as requested by LISP EID Block document.

  • WG Status Summary:
    • No new RFCs
    • LISP DDT revised document needed (fixing comment from document shepherd)
    • The WG group is rechartering
      • Proposed Work Items:
        • NAT-Traversal
        • Mobility
        • Data-Plane Encryption
        • Multicast: Support for overlay multicast by means of replication as well as interfacing with existing underlay multicast support.
        • Data models for management of LISP.
        • Multi-protocol support: Specifying the required extensions to support multi-protocol encapsulation (e.g., L2 or NSH – Network Service Headers). Rather than developing new encapsulations the work will aim at using existing well-established encapsulations or emerging from other Working Grops such as NVO3 and SFC.
        • Alternative Mapping System Design. By extenting LISP with new protocols support it is also necessary to develop the required mapping function extensions to operate LISP map-assisted networks (which might include Hierarchical Pull, Publish-Subscribe, or Push models and related security extension).



  • Metting twice this week
    • Wednesday morning (9-11.30)
    • Thursday afternoon (17.40-18.40). Joint with TEAS on YANG.
  • WG Highlights
    • YANG work is ready for wg adoption
    • Core specifications ready to become Internet Standards


  • Meeting at IETF-94: 13:00-15:00 Tuesday Afternoon session I (room 502)
  • WG Highlights:
    • Work Streams:
      • Data Plane:
        • 3 drafts currently: VXLAN-GPE, GENEVE, GUE
      • Control & Management
        • CP discussion ongoing
        • YANG model work to be organized soon
        • OAM DT being formed now
    • Interim Planning
      • Early planning stage
      • Possibly co-resident at upcoming NANOG
      • May include agenda items such as:
        • Interop Demos and Discussions
        • Data plane protocol evaluations
  • WG Status Summary:
    • No new RFCs since IETF-93
    • WGLC Completed on Security Requirements draft, but needs further review
    • Goal to WGLC the Use-cases and Architecture drafts soon
      • Recent list discussion of Use-cases draft
    • IEEE working on VDP enhancements for "split NVE" control plane


  • Meeting: Wednesday, November 4, 13:00, Room 302
  • WG Highlights:
    • OSPFv2 Prefix and Link Attributes completed clearing the way for dependent drafts
    • OSPFv2 Segment Routing nearing WGLC.
    • OSPFv3 Extended LSAs migration simplification
    • OSPF YANG Model full featured - need resolution of generic OPS State structure
    • Presentation on Hub-and-Spoke topology optimization
  • WG Status Summary:
    • No new RFCs
    • Two drafts with the RFC Editor
    • One draft with the IESG
    • One draft with document shepherd comments pending
    • Two others close to WGLC


  • Meeting: Monday, November 2, 13:00, Room 302
  • WG Highlights:
    • Relatively short agenda for this meeting as we've cleared eight drafts to the RFC Editor and IESG (see below)
    • Also expecting two more drafts to enter WG LC following IETF 94
    • One draft that passed L2VPN LC has some additional comments to resolve, may need new PALS WG LC
    • Six other WG drafts in various states of development, will focus on clearing those once past current batch in the IESG and upcoming WG LCs
    • Expecting upcoming new work to be YANG models for the most part
  • WG Status Summary:
    • No new RFCs, but the pump has been primed
    • Three drafts with the RFC Editor
    • Five drafts with the IESG


Meeting: Tuesday, November 3, 5:12pm-6:40pm

WG Highlights:

  • Jon Hardwick is a new co-chair
  • Chairs are working on moving forward stateful PCE work
  • On the agenda, several proposals related to stateful and active PCE

WG Status Summary:

  • No new RFC since Prague
  • 2 successful early codepoint allocation requests (-lsp-setup-type, -segment-routing)
  • 1 WG LC in October (-pceps), more to come
  • 1 ID sent to the IESG (draft-ietf-pce-pcep-domain-sequence)
  • 3 IDs to be sent to the IESG after comment resolution (-stateful-pce-app, -stateful-pce, -stateful-sync-optimizations)

Links: Agenda WG Charter Minutes


Meeting: Thursday, November 5, 15:20-17:20 - Afternoon session II

WG Highlights:

  • 4601bis in RFC Editor queue (PIM-SM to Internet Standard)
  • Publication requested for two drafts, some improvements needed.
  • A lot of new work proposed, including YANG.

WG Status Summary:

  • 1 document approved for publishing
  • No new adoptions since last IETF
  • 6 active drafts
  • 2 expired drafts
  • 8 drafts to be discussed this time, 3 WG drafts, 5 other drafts.


  • Meeting: Thursday, November 5, 17:40-18:40 - Afternoon session III
  • IETF 94: Meeting 1 hr


  • Meetings:
    • MONDAY, November 2, 2015 1520-1650 Afternoon Session II Room 502
    • THURSDAY, November 5, 2015 1520-1720 Afternoon Session II Room 304
  • WG Highlights
    • Good progress on YANG drafts
    • Very good discussion around rLFA node protection draft, getting close to WGLC


  • Meeting: Thursday, November 5, 0900 - 1130, Room 502
  • Hot Topics:
    • Security analysis
    • Finalizing SFC encapsulation to push for WGLC before next IETF meeting


  • Meeting twice
    • Meeting: Tuesday, November 3, 17:10-18:40, Room 304
    • Meeting: Friday, November 6, 2015 9:00-10:30, Room 303
  • WG Highlights
    • One document in RFC Ed Queue, one in IETF Last Call, three just finished WGLC, two past WGLC revisions and publication requests soon
  • WG Status Summary
  • Hot Topics:
    • Late breaking complex issue with BGPSEC Protocol (publication thought imminent at last IETF) forced need for a revision, short WGLC will be needed
    • Validation Reconsidered is on the agenda on Monday
    • Two presentations on Friday on bad CA activities
      • One a remote presentation via Meetecho


  • Meeting: Tuesday, November 3, 0900 - 1030, Room 303
    • Full meeting
    • Virtual interim to be planned for 2 presentations.
  • WG Highlights
    • Segment Routing Architecture passed WGLC
    • Hot Topics:
      • Anycast Segments in MPLS based SPRING
      • Adressing Segment ID conflicts
      • Handling multiple routing algorithm/topology: multiple Segment ID versus multiple SRGB (label blocks)


==TRILL ==

TRILL's Major focus:

  • OAM, Active-active, Directory Assist for TRILL,
  • multi-level, multi-topology, Trill over *

Agenda WG Charter Minutes

Topics for this IETF:

  • Tuesday: 17:10-18:40 (Room 411/412
  • Directory Assitance for TRILL- 4 Drafts
  • Smart End Nodes - 1 draft
  • TRILL over * - 3 drafts
  • MPLS (2 drafts), IP (1 draft)
  • Thursday: 17:40-18:40
  • Multi-access/other link security - 1 draft
  • Multi-level/Multi-Topology - 3 drafts
  • Remote Mac Flush


  • Editor's Queue: 5 drafts
  • Past WG LC: 5 drafts
  • WG Drafts: 10 drafts + 3 yang drafts
  • Cross WG drafts: 2 drafts
  • WG Adoption call: 1 drafts
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