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Security vs. Security-Arch

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At various points within the Security Architecture document, I had a feeling of deju vu, encountering material that was also in the Security doc. The overlap made me wonder if we should either move some material from Arch to Security, or whether we couldn't live with a single doc instead of two.


All but the last sentence of the abstract is identical to that of the Security document. Would it make some sense to shorten the abstract? Also, references aren't allowed in abstracts.

Section 1

The first paragraph duplicates material from the abstract as well as Section 1 of the Security doc, and figure 1 is also included in both docs. However, the security doc doesn't discuss the multidomain case. Would it make sense to move material from Section 1 of this document to the security doc? If this were done, would we still need Section 1 in this doc?

Section 5.2

This section, with its requirements on APIs, seemed similar in spirit to Section 4.1 of the Security doc.

Section 5.4

Material in this section (such as the discussion of ToR) seems like it might better belong in Section 4.2.4 of the Security doc.

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