Welcome to the RMCAT Wiki

We're putting various thing related to the RMCAT WG here. At the moment, these are:

Upcoming Meetings:

Interim, Jul 19, 2015, Prague

Past Meetings:

IETF-92, Mar 2015, Dallas: Agenda Minutes

IETF-91, Nov 2014, Honolulu: Agenda Minutes

Interim, Nov 11, 2014, Honolulu: Agenda Minutes Proceedings

IETF-90, Jul 2014, Toronto: Agenda Minutes

IETF-89, March 2014, London: Agenda Minutes

IETF-88, Nov 2013, Vancouver: Agenda Minutes

IETF-87, Jul 2013, Berlin: Agenda Minutes

IETF-86, Mar 2013, Orlando: Agenda Minutes

IETF-85, Nov 2012, Atlanta: Agenda85 Minutes

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