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SVN Trac Hooks

If the Trac Hooks for SVN has been installed for the svn repository coupled to this Trac instance, the Key Phrases documented below may be used in SVN commit messages to cause automatic updates and annotations of Trac issues.

The trac-post-commit-hook

This script looks at the commit message associated with an SVN commit, and based on the presence of a number of key phrases will add annotations to tickets and also possibly change ticket status, for instance closing it.

Key Phrases

The key phrases available are:

  Fix <ticket_spec>
  Fixes <ticket_spec>
  Fix for <ticket_spec>
  Close <ticket_spec>
  Closes <ticket_spec>
  Addresses <ticket_spec>
  References <ticket_spec>
  Relates to <ticket_spec>
  Related to <ticket_spec>
  See <ticket_spec>

Ticket specification

The specification of the ticket to act on may specify one or more tickets, using any of the following forms:

  <ticket>, <ticket>{, <ticket>}
  <ticket>, <ticket> and <ticket>

and variations thereof.

Ticket identification

The individual ticket specification can take any of the following forms:

  ticket <number>
  issue <number>
  bug <number>


  Clarify header normalization vs matching request headers (see #147)

  Resolve #27: fix definition of idempotent

  Note change for issue 157 (related to #157)

  Define http and https URI schemes: addresses #58, #128, #159

  Define http and https URI schemes: addresses #58, #128, #159;
  fixes #157: removed reference to RFC1900 use of IP addresses in URI.

  Resolve #140: rephrase note so that it becomes clear that the described ...


The default script installed as trac-post-commit-hook is: