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draft-ietf-radext-radius-fragmentation-06: IANA considerations

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In the course of the PROTO write-up review, it occured to me that the IANA Considerations section defines the new RADIUS type "Frag-Status" (good!) but does not enumerate the values of that new type.

The new type's value definition can currently only be found inline in the document (section 9.1: Reserved, Fragmentation-Supported, More-Data-Pending, More-Data-Request).

This enumeration should be copied into the IANA Considerations section so that IANA can easily create the corresponding table "Values for RADIUS Attribute N, Frag-Status".

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Also, for the value enumeration: the document should indicate under which circumstances new values can be defined. Since this is an Experimental RFC, I would suggest the level "RFC required".

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That's right. Besides, there was an errata, as the text said "RADIUS messages" where it should have stated "RADIUS attributes" instead. This new text for the IANA consderations section is based on RFC 5226 suggestions:

The authors request that Attribute Types and Attribute Values defined

in this document be registered by the Internet Assigned Numbers
Authority (IANA) from the RADIUS namespaces as described in the "IANA
Considerations" section of [RFC3575], in accordance with BCP 26
[RFC5226]. For RADIUS packets, attributes and registries created by
this document IANA is requested to place them at

In particular, this document defines two new RADIUS attributes,
entitled "Frag-Status" and "Proxy-State-Len" (see section 9),
assigned values of TBD1 and TBD2 from the Long Extended Space of

Tag Name Length Meaning
---- ---- ------ -------
TBD1 Frag-Status 7 Signals fragmentation
TBD2 Proxy-State-Len 7 Indicates the length of the

received Proxy-State attributes

The Frag-Status attribute also defines a 8-bit "Code" field, for
which the IANA is to create and maintain a new sub-registry entitled
"Code values" under the RADIUS "Frag-Status" attribute. Initial
values for the RADIUS Frag-Status "Code" registry are given below;
future assignments are to be made through "RFC required" [IANA-
CONSIDERATIONS]. Assignments consist of a Frag-Status "Code" name
and its associated value.

Value Frag-Status Code Name Definition
---- ------------------------ ----------
0 Reserved See Section 9.1
1 Fragmentation-Supported See Section 9.1
2 More-Data-Pending See Section 9.1
3 More-Data-Request See Section 9.1
4-255 Unassigned

Additionally, allocation of a new Service-Type value for "Additional-
Authorization" is requested.

Value Service Type Value Definition
---- ------------------------ ----------
TBA Additional-Authorization See section 4.1

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by stefan.winter@…

Looks very good, only one nit: when you write

"from the Long Extended Space of [RFC2865]:"

RFC2865 knows nothing of the Long Extended space. Long Extended was introduced with RFC6929.

Please change that reference when updating the document following the TSVDIR review.

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