IETF 99 Working Group High Level Summary

Page created for the IETF 99, July 16-21, 2017, in Prague.


The WG really embraced the opportunity to dive deep into the details of SDN Controller, EVPN, SFC, and NFVI Dataplane benchmarking test results. We also investigated re-activating WLAN benchmarking with new champions, and other topical proposals. OPNFV VSPERF Colleagues are pleased to be able to contribute to BMWG's work again (with test results), especially at a time when BMWG is considering Re-chartering and new milestones.


draft-ietf-grow-bgp-gshut-09 and draft-ietf-grow-bgp-session-culling-02 had update presentations given. The documents are ready for last call on the mailing list. draft-ietf-grow-bmp-adj-rib-out-00 and draft-ietf-grow-bmp-local-rib-00 had an update given. Some further work is required before the document progresses.


L2SM did not meet at IETF 99. We had a productive virtual interim in May where we cleared a good number of issues. Work continues slowly on the mailing list. The I-D is reaching stability and now is a good time for a thorough review. We will consider another virtual interim to clean up outstanding issues.


This was a Non-WG Forming BoF A variety of people with an interest in the space presented their private meaning of "Network Slicing", highlighted the use cases that attract them most, and tried to indicate what IETF work is in progress or needed. There was more coherence than possibly expected, but some difficulty to understand the scope of relevant work across the whole space. The question is now passed back to the IESG to consider.


WG has been rather silent. 2 drafts (draft-ietf-opsec-v6 & draft-ietf-opsec-ipv6-eh-filtering-03) were agreed to have a WGLC after IETF99 to progress the work. 4 other non-WG documents were presented during the WG meeting for information sharing.


Main point of discussion was the future of the working group. There were only three people in the room (+AD and chairs), which is in the long-term trend. Only few drafts are in the works, and it is difficult to get enough review to ensure proper document quality (one doc completed several rounds of WGLC with an entire chapter missing!).

After confirmation on the mailing list, we will finish the current document queue and close the working group. The mailing list would stay up, and any urgent standardisation needs would have to go the AD sponsorship or (preferred) OPSAWG path.


OPSAWG met on Wednesday as a part of joint session with OPS Area. The WG is relatively quiet, there is work nearing completion on MUD, CAPWAP alternative tunneling. Work on TACACS is rather slow. There is ongoing work on BGP community based flow accounting which may result in a need to revise IPFIX specification. There was a presentation of new work on YANG model for generalizing event and state machine representation, this may require more cross-WG coordination.


Meeting Overview:

  • Two NETMOD sessions, 1.5-hours each. There were ~100 participants in the first session and ~50 participants in the second session.
  • The first NETMOD session included Entity, ACL, Revised Datastores, NMDA Guidelines, and a BBF Update.
  • The second NETMOD session included Schema Mount, YANG Tree Diagrams, RTGWG Update, Interface Models Update, and Peer Mount.

Current Draft Status:


Meeting Overview:

  • One two hour session, with 55+ attendees.
  • Zerotouch, Keystore, SSH/TLS Client/Server? are in LC, but the last two have not gotten any comments. The first two are in LC and will progress towards publication.
  • YANG push and Subscribed Notifications need updates based on discussion both on the mailing list and in the meeting.
  • NETCONF event notifications and RESTCONF notifications were deemed ready for LC by the WG.
  • Notification Message Headers and Bundles is ready for WG adotion. Chairs will call for adoption.
  • YANG Library and RESTCONF updates are ready for WG adoption.
  • NETCONF update requires more discussion and an update before WG adoption.
  • Not much support for accounting draft at this time. Need more discussion.
  • NETCONF proxy got a show of hands, albeit from the same company.
  • Several hands for WG adoption of UDP based Publication Channel.


Meeting Overview:

  • Update on WG documents: GRASP has passed IESG evaluation, is now in RFC editor queue; Voucher draft needs cross-WG WGLC; auto-prefix-management has passed WGLC; BRISK will be next WGLC; stable connectivity is in WGLC; ACP is under review, will be in WGLC next month; reference model document is near the WGLC also.
  • the WG co-authors give guidance to the discussion regarding to rechartering, three categeries works would be considered: Leveraging the Current ANI, extend ANI functionalities; Autonomic Service Agents.
  • three new works are presented: Anima Bootstrapping for Network Management, ANI Applied in IoT Network Management, and Towards PubSub? and Storage integration in ANIMA.

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