IETF 109 - Prague (virtual)

This provides a very short summary of discussions and decisions in each WG.



BMWG met with a good sized audience and utilized its full 2 hour session. Al highlighted IESG & Transport area feedback on the B2B frame benchmark draft. Buffer-bloat will affect queue drain times when present in the DUT.

WGLC of the Network Security Device benchmarking draft yielded about 70 comments. Many of the resolutions were discussed more thoroughly, such as the status of the draft to make RFC3511 Obsolete. Also, Despite comments to change, the draft currently overloads the RFC 1242 term "Throughput" with a different definition that has aspects that are important to Firewall measurement. There will be a call to follow-up on the use of an Adjective with Throughput in this draft to resolve ambiguity, with more members of NetSec? Open in attendance.

The Multiple Loss Ratio Search Draft authors presented their plans for updates and algorithm fixes. The YANG test device control draft author participated in the Hackathon, and presented current status following good reviews and comments on the mailing list.




IOTOPS Fully packed first session (only 1 hour). Enough interest to organize an Interim in 5-6 weeks to give more time to discuss presented topics.

MBONED Updates on the mcast-wifi-problems draft to address IESG comments. One more round of updates should hopefully do the trick. Update on the newly adopted telemetry draft. JakeH provided updates and deployment experiences with his four drafts in support of Multicast to the Browser. Early trials have been promising and show the potential for significant efficiencies. Two excellent and very interesting deployment reports on how EUMETSAT and Meetecho are using multicast. The EUMETSAT talk was particularly interesting in that it described how they are working with many components that the WG has worked on over the years (interdomain, SSM, AMT, encryption, reliability, etc) to deliver a service that is roughly an order of magnitude cheaper than comparable unicast (CDN) services. No controversies or gnashing of teeth in the meeting- just pure WG bliss at this time.

MOPS MOPS had interesting and informative updates from related media standards work (Streaming Video Alliance) and timely topics (Low Latency Video). We reviewed the final open issues in the current WG document (operational considerations for media), and are on track to last call that document by July of this year. Agreed to take on draft-krishna-mops-ar-use-case-02.txt as a WG document (subject to agreement on the mailing list).








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