IETF 109 - Bangkok (virtual)

This provides a very short summary of discussions and decisions in each WG.



Benchmarking Methodology WG met with about 24 people joining. Bill Cerveny kindly took the minutes

WG Drafts

  • Brian Monkman volunteered to Review the EVPN WG draft for Editorial improvement, un-blocking the progress back to AD-review.
  • The Next Generation Security Device Benchmarking WG Draft has made much progress this year and will see a WG Last Call on version 06
  • the Back2back Frame Benchmark partial update of RFC 2544 completed AD-review and is on it's way to LC and IESG (Dec 17)


  • With all WG drafts completing work (or nearly so), it's time to consider new work carefully
  • There will be a WG adoption call on the list for the time-saving Multiple Loss Ratio Search algorithm draft
  • Good synergies identified between YANG Traffic gen control and VNF test automation drafts, with comment exchanges on the list
  • Progress on Cloud-Containerized Networking Benchmarking Considerations earned through "getting hands dirty" with real test experience.
  • 5G transport benchmarking needs to have some further investigation to avoid overlap with the planned control-plane and data-plane work: IETF TEAS WG, ETSI TC INT, and O-RAN WG9 (data-plane) were mentioned. Also 3GPP, obviously. It would be good to have test equipment vendors more involved.
  • New test results with another BMWG-method-compliant open source test tool were presented, and the tool was offered for others to try.

Scheduling and Calendar

Apparently there were agenda/calendar problems: it was reported post-meeting that the IETF Agenda failed to do any conversion to UTC mode when selected (wtf?, continued to show Bangkok time). The chair made every effort to mention the actual times in other zones as part of communications prior to the meeting, including a "meeting starts now" message to the list. However, there were still cases where issues/confusion caused presenters to miss the meeting completely. (This year, I have heard many people say that calendars make them cry, but I currently have no tears left to cry over calendar/meeting/time-zone issues, and no expertise to do anything about the problems.)





Mcast to the Browser drafts updated, may be ready for Yang dr early review, will likely become a cluster. Mcast NAT draft presented to address several deployment use cases- solid preliminary support to adopt, will take to list. Mcast wifi draft updated to address IESG DISCUSS items. Telemetry draft presented, may have some overlap in PIM and IPPM to work out, but likely a good candidate for MBONED. Mcast Yang draft updated based on Yang dr early review. Redundant ingress failover draft presented, looking for feedback, not ready to request adoption yet.

Very full agenda, more so than was expected- will get a longer slot next time.


  • Augmented reality proposal presented: authors will update and then the WG will decide whether there's MOPS work there.
  • WebTransport? presented to increase awareness of another option for live media transport.
  • Pushed out WGLC on ops document to June 2021.
  • Discussed lack of progress on some milestones and next steps: identified a potential candidate author for edge considerations document, and are actively soliciting an author for the SVA document. No proposal as of yet on SMPTE milestone. Will continue discussion on the list.








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