IETF 101, March 2018, London.


  • Update on WG documents: GRASP and auto-prefix-management, is in RFC-editor QUEUE with MISREF; Voucher and stable-connectivity has passed IESG; ACP has submitted to IESG; reference-model passed WGLC, in shepherd write-up; BRISK will be next WGLC; GRASP-API is newly adopted. Last three documents made WG update in the meeting.
  • New works are presented, some may be the scope of current charter: Information Distribution in Autonomic Networking, Constrained Voucher Profile for Bootstrapping Protocols, DNS-SD compatible service discovery in GRASP, ANI extensions for short-lived certificates.
  • Other presented new works are relevant too, but may request the change of current charter text: Guidelines for Autonomic Service Agents, Transferring Bulk Data over the GRASP, Autonomic Slice Networking, Yang model for ANI.
  • There were 51 attendees on site, and 8 remote attendees.


  • The WG agreed to the Re-charter text and revised milestones, following a 1-week review/ratification on the list (in-progress).
  • Two Drafts remain on our current Charter, and both are on the April IESG telechat Agenda.
  • Interim Meeting Report (March 1) - discussed NG-firewall benchmarking methodology draft in preparation for this meeting.
  • There are many other proposals for new work: Network service layer abstract model, back2back frame testing, network virtualization platforms.
  • All active drafts are correlated with proposed milestones for the revised charter.
  • The Liaison from ETSI Network Function Virtualization Testing WG was discussed again, and comments will be collected for 1 month on-list (in-progress).
  • There were 17 attendees locally, most of whom had attended previously, and 8 remote attendees (US attendance was curtailed by the 4am EDT start time).


  • Non-WG-Forming BoF, met Thursday 9.30am
  • Good turn out of about 150 people and reasonable energy
  • Explored the use cases and proposed architecture
  • Looked hard at what work might be done in the IETF
  • Looked at how to approach the work
    • top-down/bottom-up
    • full architecture or partitioned
    • simple initial deployments or integrated end-to-end, multi-domain, multi-tenant
  • ADs to work out what they saw


DNSOP had two sessions - a 2.5 hour session on Tuesday and a 1 hour session for new work Thursday. There were updates to several drafts which were in a stuck stage around WGLC but are now moving again. However, the highlight was the presentation on "The DNS Camel" which attempted to explain why adding more and more features to DNS can have negative consequences, and the community should do more to evaluate new work against this backdrop. There was much discussion. The Thursday session was a scrum of new work, and some reports of hackathon results.




  • Progress discussion on how to move forward with the Keystore and friends draft.
  • Discussed LC comments on YANG Push and friends draft.
  • Reviewed several I-Ds for consideration as WG items.




  • Met Monday afternoon as a combined Ops Area / Ops Area Working Group meeting
  • Thanked Benoit for all his hard work over the past six years as AD (Scotch was provided)
  • Benoit provided a State of the YANG summary, saying YANG is in a good state but the end users should haven't to think about it
  • In the opsawg part of the meeting, the state of the TACACS+ draft was discussed
    • The new version addresses many comments raised on-list
    • More engagement from authors is required
  • Two drafts in the IESG's queue pending telechat scheduling
    • MUD
    • NAT YANG module
  • New work presented: need for a telemetry framework, coordinated address space management, network overlay resource model



  • The group met on Monday Morning
  • Thanked Lee Howard for his years of service

Did Not Meet


  • The WG's only draft is in Publication Requested state
  • Some issues have been raised and a new revision is needed
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