IETF 100 Working Group High Level Summary

Page created for the IETF 100, November 2017, in Singapore.


BMWG met with 16 people and 2 remote participants, including one remote presenter. The SDN Controller drafts are through WGLC, and revised versions are needed. THe EVPN draft is adopted, but the original authors seek additional help of an editor with strong English skills. New proposals on Network Service Layer Abstract Modeling and Back-to-back Frame testing were reviewed and well-received. Additional proposals were discussed, including next get Firewalls. The meeting consensus was to add security device BM and Test equipment calibration in the charter text. (expect another draft shortly).


something tim will fill in shortly


WG did not meet 2 active WG drafts, draft-ietf-grow-bmp-adj-rib-out and draft-ietf-grow-bmp-local-rib, are pending updates as a result of a WG last call. They were going to be presented this meeting, but will be deferred to mailing list. 2 other drafts are in IESG eval, and RFC queue respectively.


The WG has been quiet, but the document editor has made some good progress. We had a (sparsely-attended) virtual interim that closed most of the open issues (confirmed our actions on the list). We now have an aggressive schedule for completion that sees a YANG Doctor review at the end of the year, and WG last call soon after.



WG has been rather silent. 2 active WG drafts (draft-ietf-opsec-v6 & draft-ietf-opsec-ipv6-eh-filtering) presented their status. 5 other non-WG documents were presented during the WG meeting for information sharing. No issues have been seen between IETF99 and IETF100


The following was the summary of discussion for the NETCONF WG.

  • rfc6536bis received comments in IESG review. Some last minute updates are being provided to address those comments, and once approved will allow the document to go towards publication.
  • NMDA drafts (YANG Library, NETCONF and RESTCONF) need updates to support features like licensing, and semantic versioning. It also need to address some bugs. Authors believe the document should be ready for WGLC by end of this year. .
  • Zerotouch draft went through LC. It received comments during that period, which the author will address. Author believes that once the document is ready, it can be forwarded for publication, currently planned for December.
  • Keystore draft needs to be updated for issues raised in WGLC and discussion on the mailing list. AI for author(s) to provide updated drafts before LC can be re-initiated.
  • SSH/TLS NETCONF/RESTCONF Client Server Models also needs updates based on changes in the Keystore draft.
  • YANG Push, Subscribed notifications and NETCONF notification drafts need updates based on discussion in the meeting and on the list. There are still outstanding questions on whether NETCONF notifications draft is needed or its contents can be folded into subscribed-notifications draft. All these issues need to be discussed and resolved on the mailing list.
  • Notification Message Headers and Bundles and Restconf notifications - These two drafts will be considered for WGLC later.
  • UDP Pub Channel draft needs more discussion on the mailing list. A milestone will be added to the NETCONF WG milestones.
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