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Outline for NTP BCP

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Started: April 2015

  • Keeping your NTP Deployment up to date
  • General Network Security Best Practices
    • BCP 38
  • NTP Configuration / Security Best Practices
    • Mode 6/7
      • Use appropriate restrict lines
    • Autokey [HMS: Don't use it.]
    • Using pool servers
  • NTP in Embedded Devices
    • Provide an update mechanism
    • Implement/respect KISS codes
    • Get a vendor subdomain for pool usage
  • Noteworthy NTP Deployment Examples
    • Anycast

More general topics that may be added if they have acceptable text and fit in

  • "Carrier Grade" NTP : What is it?
  • "Cloud" NTP
  • Propagation of Leap Second information in NTP